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Have you seen the news lately? It’s horrid! What the hell is wrong with people today?

Is it just me or are you also shaking your head in disbelief more and more with time?

I know I sound like an old man but they definitely don’t make them like they used to and I’m not just talking about “things.”

All these advances were supposed to make things easier but they take a toll on society.

The goal of Grownup Gripes is to help arm you through life’s challenges with more chutzpah and a genuine smile on your face.

Forget about how the hands are dealt-understandably some decks are way worse than others-but the fact is we’ve all got ISSUES and it’s time to get back to basics.


Think about it. If your expiration date came tomorrow, would you honestly be content?

If not it’s ok, it’s easy as 1,2,3.

Yeah that’s it!!!

Here are the 3 Secrets to Happiness

Lift up that rug.

Unfilter that filter.

Be your authentic self.

woman playing with snow

Just let it all hang out.

Spoiler alert, it will feel REALLY good.


That’s what I was taught and that’s what I teach my girls! It’s the best advice to give!

My parents taught me. My Mama in particular did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and with whoever she chose ALWAYS. So did my Grandparents.

My mom is a shell of her old self since Dementia has taken over her brain so I need a new wingman to share all of my never ending Grownup Gripes with. Hope it’s you!


We all have hardships and highs throughout this arduous journey. That’s what LIFE is.

It doesn’t matter how far to the top you get OR how low you got (still are-can’t get out), what really counts is how you REBOUND.

From TV news to success in corporate America and now through the loss of loved ones and my Mama, I want to share some secrets to happiness because it’s a choice.

You can make it too!

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