Interviewing: 2 Methods and 10 Secrets that will get you your Dream Job

Grownup Gripe: There are a MILLION things I’d rather do than interview for a new position.

Unlike most, I actually live for interviewing.

I treat it as sport. As such I’ve worked in two of the most competitive industries out there (TV News and Pharmaceutical Sales) and I swiftly learned how to swim and not sink.

When you let your guard down someone superior and hungrier than you is around the corner so get better at interviewing or you won’t get the job you want and deserve. 

How do you feel about interviewing?  Stats say every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes on average but a mere 4-6 of these people will be called.  Only ONE gets the job.

Do you stick with your current gig because it’s easier than trying to find a new one?

What if you could learn the secrets that will land you any job you want?

What it boils down to is a story!!!

What’s your story?  Elevator pitch and full?

It can be a tear-jerker but not a downbound train.  Keep in mind you’re interviewing for a job not seeing a Psychologist so play up to your audience. Here are some ideas.

  • What do you do in your current role to make your bosses’ work life easier?
  • What do you do (even as a group) to make your current/old company better?
  • Include traits about your personality, traits that a future employer looks for
  • Spin your past experiences into what a Hiring Manager would want to hear

How does your story portray you as a hard working, high achieving team player who never gives up and is passionate about learning new things, an asset to any org?   

Preparation is also key

There are two techniques that are easy and will help anyone prepare for any interview.


STAR stands for Situation, Task, Actions and Results 

Come up with three examples where you were a rock star at your current job or a past employer. Break each example down into what the situation was, what tasks you developed to achieve success, the actual actions you implemented to make it happen and finally the measurable results that occurred from your direct actions.

Click to get a free STAR Method printable.

If you can portray to the Hiring Manager all the ways YOU made your last companies better, they don’t have to question whether or not you could do the same for them. 

Concrete examples are crucial so the interviewers know it’s not just hot air.  When comparing notes these details will elevate your chances of getting that dream job. If you need help with your writing check out The World’s Best Grammar Checker.

It can be overkill but these days at least two people are going to be in the room for a variety of reasons.  They will compare notes between you and the other candidates. 

If you give them enough ammunition (STAR examples) chances are you will get the offer.

Keeping WIIFM in mind will seal the deal!

WIIFM stands for What’s in it for me?

What does that mean?  Depending on who you’re talking to it means different things because what’s in it for one person can be totally different for someone else.  

Obviously, your potential boss is your primary audience so you need to be sure and win them over first but learn the roles of the others involved in the interview process so you can sell yourself to them too.  

For example, if you’re talking to the Sales/Marketing Department tell them how you love to pound the pavement but switch tunes and tell the CFO how you love to save the company money, you following me?

All these people care about is what you’re going to do for them at the end of the day.

As for the STAR method, let’s say the situation is Company X never bought anything from where you currently work before you started and then you were given that account.  Company X was written off.

Your task was to try and break into Company X and get them to start buying what you sell.

The actions are the learning of the account, meeting with the decision-makers and influencers who finally gave you the first order and how you singlehandedly put out every fire and eventually got the owner of Company X to give you all the business.

As a result, the account grew to a multi-million dollar cash cow because of you.

Listen to the crowd roar!!!  Slam dunk!!! 

You got their attention now I promise!!!

The trick is you want to be a boss’s dream.  Tell them how you will make their job easier.  Your job is to make them look good and it will make you look good.


It’s WHO you know!  Referrals get in easier.

First impressions are made in ten seconds.

Therefore dress the part, suit up if possible.

Commence with a FIRM handshake. Deal!

Put together a folder-bring resumes, etc.

Look interviewers right in the eye.

Know about the company, have questions.

Close them, be sure to ask for the job.

Get cards, write f/u emails summarizing you.

Social Media can haunt you, make it good.

These tips along with the strategic methods up top are sure to land you that dream job.

Just be sure to come up with a good story, both a 30-second elevator pitch and a longer clip, as well as memorizing your STAR Methods and using WIIFM.  It’s all yours!

Here you go!  Your free STAR Method and your story ideas can be found here.

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Please share with anyone you know needing that extra push to go find their dream job.

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