Back to School: 7 things YOU can do to help your kid excel in their class

Grownup Gripe: I thought parents finally got a break when the school year actually started.

It’s hard to believe my youngest started Kindergarten this year. Unlike some parents, I couldn’t wait to kick her out the door! Sure I’ll miss her at home but now is the time.

Does that make me a bad parent?

Isn’t that supposed to be our job?

How do you “sell” school to your kid?

How do you “sell” it to yourself?

If you’re moping around dreading the upcoming school year chances are your kid is as well, as if they don’t have enough on their plate already. Don’t give them more reasons to have anxiety in this day and age.

Something I’m quickly learning is just as your kid enters “real” school, it’s not only them entering the classroom but you as well. What you do early on will impact your kids.

Now I’d prefer to keep to myself and let whatever is supposed to happen happen but what I’m seeing is if you’re on the sidelines your kid most likely will be put there too.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with outsiders. I’m all about doing you and understand there are people who’d prefer not to deal with the minutiae and that fine.

It’s just that everyone craves acceptance, especially during school-aged years so don’t set your kid up for failure by not being present in their classroom and thinking your break comes when school starts.

You have to play the game! I thought this was just part of navigating corporate America but unfortunately, it also pertains to your children’s formative years also.

Game playing in Kindergarten?!?

If you don’t help and they’re alone in this they’re at a disadvantage because nowadays there are so many tiger parents hovering.

The kids without a voice don’t stand a chance. At the end of the day, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Take out the WD-40.

Here are seven easy tips to remember as your child goes back to school after the long break to give them a leg up in class!

7 tips for YOU to help your kid at school!

  1. Make yourself visible so those who matter know you’re an active participant.  It’s not your kid against the world.  Ensure everyone understands that!
  2. Make friends with the teacher but don’t be a nuisance. Let them do their job.
  3. Take inventory early on to get a gauge of who your child talks about when they get home.  Learn who is who (and their quarks if possible) so you can help your kid navigate difficult scenarios that may come up during the school year.
  4. Participate in classroom fundraisers-even if not with your time supply items or raise money for the cause. It won’t go unnoticed but it WILL if you don’t so even though you hate it, go ahead and guilt your coworkers into buying the cookies.
  5. Ensure your kid is cleaned and groomed properly please (you think this is obvious but I can’t believe how many disheveled kids I see with undone hair, stinky breath, and dirty nails just for starters). Are you trying to give those bullies ammunition?!?
  6. If your child’s birthday falls during the school year-bring treats, host a class party-starting young and I’m not talking elaborate, do it for free at your local park but be sure everyone in the class knows it’s your kids big day.  They’ll feel special.
  7. Start scheduling play dates with their BFF (forever or for the year :-). If there’s a kiddo your child is talking about often get them together outside of school.

What about YOU?!?

Call me George Constanza. I’m selfish! Obviously, school is about your children but that doesn’t mean you take the backseat.  Check this out if you need some new ideas.

You may not have the time or energy for any of this and that’s why even if you apply the bare minimum, your kid will reap the benefits whether it be by all the birthday invites or more classroom duties.

Every little bit counts. Be present when you can. Don’t be the creeper parent in the corner or worse yet never leave home or the office because that’s your kid’s job, you’ve got enough on your plate or think your actions won’t be enough. They will be.

Research shows the more active you are in your child’s life, the more successful they will be and the less trouble they will get into.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your children, maybe temporarily it is but guess what it will come back to haunt you.

Wouldn’t you rather nip trouble in the bud early on?  If you follow these tips your kids’ odds will be upped exponentially.

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