Grownup Gripe: New Year’s resolutions more often than not end up in smoke so why should I even waste my energy making one? Are you ready to make some changes but don’t even know where to start? It’s easier said than done that’s for sure and if you’ve been thinking about it for a long […]

Grownup Gripe: If I hear my kid say “I’m bored” one more time I’ll really show ‘em bored. How many times have you heard “I’m bored! What can I do?” Maybe it’s not just your kid. The problem is nowadays we’re inundated with nonstop stimulation so when the world stops for even just a few […]

Grownup Gripe: They’ve always been crazy but this is worse than them getting old and senile. You probably know a lot about cancer but do you know anything about Dementia? Alzheimers? First off it’s not the same thing. I didn’t even know that. I also used to think it only happened to old people until […]

Grownup Gripe: I’ve got enough on my plate, now is not the time for that, I’ll get to it later. As time goes on do you put yourself last? Are you a people pleaser who can’t say NO? Especially as our responsibilities grow it’s easy to put ourselves on the back burner. More often than […]