Veto Keto: Why it’s not sustainable unless you have a medical diagnosis

Grownup Gripe: Since when is bacon covered in Ranch dressing better than a banana and yogurt?

I’m not a Doctor but everything about the Keto Diet goes against the basic principles we learned as little ones about nutrition.

Remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Not with Keto! An apple is off limits and so is pretty much every fruit as well as a lot of vegetables and even milk.

It’s unbelievable being you can eat most everything off a charcuterie board, pork rinds, nuts and even butter if you want (though what the hell do you put it on). In return you have to give up most all carbs.

Admittedly I was one of the first to sign up when it became all the rage last year.

This chubby girl was all about the Keto!

Some people are salty and some love anything sweet. Me, I’m a salt lover and therefore the Keto Diet was right up my alley.

There’s no doubt it works if you do it right but macros are EVERYthing and the problem is most of us don’t know how to count net carbs correctly also long term it’s too restrictive to maintain for a lifetime.

Last year at this time I lost 15 lbs on Keto but I also drastically cut my calories and worked out excessively so it was eminent.

I jumped on board because I felt like all you saw were amazing before and afters of everyday folks like us killing it on Keto.

Was that you or did your friend’s cousin’s sister lose like a million pounds on it 😉

We all know someone who is a new person thanks to Keto. It’s been around for decades and is based on a neurological therapeutic approach for seizure disorders as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. There’s no doubt it definitely works.

If Keto is your jam and it works for you that’s awesome but not all of us are willing to put that much effort into every single morsel of food we put in our mouth.

There are just so many rules to follow and if you’re a serial cheater, it goes to hell in a handbag really fast because ketosis never occurs.

Then it’s just loose stools, bad breath and a never ending longing for a good old fashioned beer along with some real pizza.

If that’s you too the good news is this fad diet may be a thing of the past. #vetoketo

If you don’t want to eat another avocado egg, lettuce wrapped sandwich, zucchini noodle or crustless pizza no need to worry, don’t torture yourself any longer.

Yesterday US News & World Report revealed the 35 best diets out there in 2020 and guess what, Keto came in second to last.

It literally ranked 34 out of 35 so woohoo now we can jump off the Keto bandwagon!

It came in third for weight loss but is considered the worst diet for healthy eating, one of the worst when it comes to heart health and one of the hardest diets to follow.

See the whole listing here

The Mediterranean Diet ranked number one and the DASH Diet ranked number 2, both of which incorporate the nutritional foods we’ve always been told are healthy including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein.

The Whole 30 ranked number 33 and the Dukan Diet (whatever that is) came it at 35.

What does this all mean?!? Nothing really.

This is the year I’ve vouched to stop the revolving door of weight gain, though I have my work cut out for me after the holidays.

Instead of starting a diet (one of the worst four letter words 😉 I’m going to take a different approach starting this year.

In lieu of eating like a carnivore, religiously peeing on ketone urine strips and praying for ketosis I’m going back to basics by eating less and moving more. That’s it.

Calories in, calories out is what it boils down to.

Every skinny person I know watches what they eat and religiously works out.

No diet is a magic bullet. Unfortunately it takes will power, patience and hard work.

Yes drastic changes will need to be made to what I put in my mouth but as long as it’s a whole lot less, things should move in the right direction. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Keeping that in mind and sticking with it when things go off the rails (which they always do) will be the biggest challenge.

I’m up for it, are you?!? Let’s do it together!

If you need motivation, check this post out

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