Heck NO Techno: How a phone ruins your quality of life and 5 ways to fix it

Grownup Gripe: Put your cellphone down. Your loved ones may wish you looked at them and held them like you do your phone.

Have you gone out to dinner lately?

Do you see tables-if not restaurants-full of people sitting at the same table wholly engaged with their freakin’ phone and not the PERSON right there in front of them?

Why did you go out to dinner if you’re going to do that? Why not just hang out on your couch with your phone and order takeout?

Everyone has become a computer nerd. That’s right, it may sound harsh to you but that’s what we called them back in the day.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, computer nerds were called that because they got more computer action than real action.

Since the popularity of cell phones, it seems like everyone is now a computer nerd.

2019 data reveals we spend over 12 hours a day in front of a TV or computer screen.

Screen time is affecting the way our brains are wired which is especially significant in children whose brains are developing.

New Research suggests the brains of infants and young children in particular exposed to smart phones and tablets compared to those who weren’t exposed truly foster different brain development.

There’s no doubt technology has changed the world we live in, undoubtedly in someways for the best, but also in a lot of ways for the worst.

For starters the 24/7technological availability of every employee has hindered work/life balance. Now you can’t even get a break from work when you get home.

Furthermore basic skills such as patience, spelling, grammar, and good old fashioned conversation have gone to the wayside with everything at the touch of a button.

People are more concerned with likes and dislikes from their cyber network of fake friends than old school face to face bonding.

I literally just started using Facebook in 2020. That has been a learning curve in itself. 

Based on my short experience I find it’s awesome to reconnect with people I haven’t seen forever but also a huge waste of time.

It’s designed to suck you in and then before you know it a glance at the phone turned into 20 minutes of mindless scrolling.

Coming from a place basically off the grid where I never even creeped on it once to now constantly checking it, I get it!

Instead of waiting years for the reunion, you can basically get a glimpse of everyone without even going. I actually missed my 20 year high school reunion because I wasn’t on Facebook. It’s a major mode of communication nowadays.

Facebook has taken over how people AND businesses market themselves. It’s understandable because no other social media platform comes close to the reach of FB.

According to a 2019 Pew Research Center Survey, seven out of 10 American adults are using Facebook and almost 75% of them use it at least once a day.

Are you using FB or any social media platform once a day? Or are you checking each one of them every chance you get? If you are, here are some tips to get out of virtual reality and into the real world again.

5 tips to help with your cellphone dependency

1. Ween yourself from your phone. Start by taking little breaks at mealtime and actually enjoy your food. Engage with the company around you and revel in the freedom from the shackles of your device.

Once you gain the ability to actually take a break during meals, work additional phone breaks in during the day. You’ll be surprised how much a 10 minute break will do you good instead of shocked your break is already over because you didn’t take one and instead stayed on your phone.

2. Identify the massive time suckers in your day such as FB, Instagram or whatever it is you do while you’re on your cellphone.

Limit your time before entering into the black hole. Check the clock or set a timer when you login and give yourself an allotted amount of minutes to look.

When the buzzer goes off shut it down. Understandably this will be the hardest part but trust me whatever it is will still be there when you come back.

3. Are you sleeping with your phone right next to your bed? If so, move it from your bed stand when you sleep, into another room if possible. This way every time it goes off you won’t get the urge to check it. 

Every study out there confirms that the blue light emitted from our little screens severely effects the quality of our sleep.

At night the blue light throws the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythm, off-balance and your sleep suffers. Worse research shows that this can lead to obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

4. If it’s really a problem and you can’t stop, try turning it on standby or airplane mode or simply just turn it off when able to do so.

Coverage is bad in some areas or maybe you’re flying, if someone who needed so badly to get a hold of you can’t wait a few extra minutes I guarantee you they’ll find someone else this day and age to respond.

There’s no doubt you are important but unless you are the ruler of the free world, there’s no reason you can’t check out momentarily periodically. Its good for the soul.

5. Take turns with your partner at special events so one of you can wholeheartedly live in the moment without experiencing it through the lens of your cell phone.

This way one of you can keep the memory alive but the other can take in the live version.

With work restraints and possible health issues these tips may not be applicable to everyone but the point is if you use your phone a little less, you can live a little more.

Bask in life’s moments without checking your phone all the time! Whoever it is can wait, your loved ones shouldn’t have to.

Hope this didn’t hit a nerve, if it did you probably need to try to put it down 🙂

If you’re in the minority that’s great but if you know (or live with) someone who could use these tips please pass along.

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