Little luxuries of the rich we all can do on the cheap, 8 secrets to feeling pampered today

Grownup Gripe: It’s hard not to want the best of the best thanks to today’s fascination with celebrities so if you can’t be one, act like one!

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Have you ever been to a fancy day spa? Or hoofed around a luxury department store?

There’s a FEEL to being rich even if your bank account doesn’t reflect your actuality.

The finer things in life are for the most part expensive because they are the best of the best. Money affords people with options.

For example instead of the Microtel Inn (or driving straight through) what if you could stay at The Ritz Carlton? Which would you pick? My guess it’s not off the interstate.

Unless you were born with a silver spoon, the majority of us get to dibble dabble in it, if we’re simply lucky enough to do that.

Make no mistake about it, rich people are NOT better off than the poor they just have it easier due to the abundance of options.

What if you could get the feeling of being rich without all of the strings attached? Sure most of us, if not all, would take the money but if that’s never gonna happen ;-).

Check out these 8 tips to start feeling RICH ASAP

1. Make Your Bed Irresistible

According to NBC News, at least 9 million Americans take prescription drugs to help them fall asleep and the National Sleep Foundation found that almost half of America reported poor or insufficient sleep at least once in the past seven days.

Is your bed the most comfortable and inviting space in your house? Does it have silky sheets, amazing support based on your preference whether it be firm or fluffy as a cloud and good pillows? If your bed is not the epitome of comfort you need to change it up now. It’s well worth the effort.

A good pillow is the most important thing. Whether you like down or a more synthetic foam cushion for your head, find what’s most comfortable and it will be some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

Personally, I sleep on a down topper as well and my husband’s side is flat. He’s more of a minimalist when it comes to pillows and I like to surround myself in them. We got a fancy king-sized down one for our wedding and after ten years I had to get a new Twin one for just my side (so I don’t have to listen to him complain anymore 🙂

Look for inspiration in high-end Home Decor magazines and follow suit. The good news is nowadays with everything online there are good deals on high-quality bedding.

If you want to go the extra mile, here are a few additions to your repertoire you may not know you’re missing. Lavender sheet spray, eye masks, and earplugs are the secret weapons of insomnia. Fight it off now. Some people can’t wear them but I find these little buds magical and never looked back.

2. Clear Your Skin Up

The first thing I do when I’m in the black is go to the Dermatologist. I’ve tried to tell myself (and others) my adult acne makes me feel younger but when you’ve got a goatee of zits at 40, somethings got to give.

It’s cyclical because the problem is when my acne clears up, I go off the rails and my skin looks like a pre-pubertal teenager again.

Something I’ve learned from all these visits to the Derm is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on face wash. Last year My Dermatologist recommended EltaMD and my skin has never looked or felt better.

It’s a much gentler version of the stuff I was using since being a teenager and it’s paired with an awesome tinted moisturizer.

Another trick I learned at a fancy day spa in Pinehurst (where world-famous golfers come to play PGA Tournaments while their wives and girlfriends get pampered at the spa) was to use an enzyme cleaner once or twice a week and it’s done wonders to exfoliate, reduce pore size and excess sebum (the stuff that causes pimples!)

3. Get Glowing ALL Over

Have you ever had a spa day? It’s the ultimate pampering experience of all because you’re being catered to from head to toe. For hundreds, even thousands based on the number of treatments, the rich pay others to rub them down at these facilities.

Some of us are lucky enough to be gifted these services, some pay out-of-pocket but the spa menu is not cheap that’s for sure.

Unlike many I find a spa day to be gluttonous. I find my $$ is better spent on more tangible items but to each their own.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get a more relaxing and pampered day than a spa day.

Here are similar items I’ve been sold over the years during gifted or corporate spa days that are much easier on the wallet though they do the same thing, if not better.

Give yourself a spa day at the Y or your local gym. Most have a steam room, sauna, or hot tub you can use for dollars a day or do it in the comfort of your own bathroom.

4. Fake Bronzed Skin

If you’ve already got it, congratulations you’ve got something money can’t buy!

If you’re pasty white like me (or don’t want sun-damaged skin) at least do a fake tan.

I won’t mention the most notorious fake tan and wealthiest man in the limelight today…usually the rich and famous are coming back to the states from some tropical vacation and bronzed year-round. If you’re not jet-setting to a tropical locale soon here is something to make it look like it.

5. Give yourself an Instant Face Lift

If your hair is long enough pull it back, it instantly pulls your face back like a lift.

Additionally pluck your eye brows and fill them in the right way. The higher you go with the arches the more it looks like fillers.

Put some make up on. Before my kids became school-aged I went everywhere barefaced. I care less what people think but it’s astounding the difference a few minutes makes.

Use concealer to cover up any red spots especially camouflaging around your nose, chin and t-zone. Make sure the whites of your eyes are white. A little bronzer, mascara and lipgloss complete the masterpiece.

6. Whiten Teeth

I’ve noticed over the years one of the first things people do when they get paid is they get their teeth fixed or a new veneers.

Often times-particularly if they go to the wrong Dentist-veneers can look like Chiclets but a good smile IS important. Good news is you can make the best of what you’ve got with HD 2-Step Crest.

My Dental Hygenist told me about this toothpaste on my last visit. I notice a difference if I don’t use it for a week. It works.

7. Smell delightful

Have you ever been on an elevator (or any enclosed space) and were smitten by the smell of someone’s perfume or cologne?

One of the most interesting things about fragrance is it’s power to channel desire.

If you can’t afford (or don’t want to pay) the ungodly amount for point zero grams of a fragrance they make body lotions that cost you a lot less than the liquid version.

8. Wash and detail your car

You can always tell when a vehicle comes in from the city to the county by their car and no I’m not talking make and model but the actual cleanliness of your vehicle.

Can you see your reflection in your paint job? Does the inside of your car look like a dump? Keep it clean, run it through the car wash or do it yourself. My Dad taught me and depending on how much time you have you can make your vehicle look like new. Here are some of the tricks of the trade.

As mentioned up top, certain items reach the pinnacle of pricing because they are in all actuality the best of the best. Keep quality vs. quantity in mind when making big purchases. You’ll be happy you did.

A lot of us might not have the money upfront to pay for an expensive handbag or pair of shoes but what I’ve learned over the years is instead of buying 10 $100 purses I get 1 $1000 one I love and it lasts 10 years.

That may not be your thing but if you’re super hard on things like me, it makes more fiscal sense. Not just purses but everyday use items such as shoes, jackets, gloves, wallets and watches matter.

Fake it till you make it and go to the secondhand shop in the rich neighborhoods in your town if you can’t imagine forking out that kind of dough for new.

You’ll be amazed by what you can find for a fraction of the full price. I got leather Gucci boots for $125 15 years ago I still wear!

Bring to the shoe repair shop, they can fix anything and make it look like new again.

Hopefully you learned a tip or two you can add to your own bag of tricks. If so, please share.

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