Being Brand New to FB in 2020: Pros and Cons of the First Two Weeks

Grownup Gripe: If you’re not on Facebook these days chances are you’re not really in the know so I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

After almost a decade of going against the grain, I finally bit the bullet and joined Facebook. I did it primarily to shamelessly promote 😂😭 but it’s been quite an eye opener to say the least.

In just a short amount of time my daily phone habits have changed. Drastically.

If you believe silence is golden well no doubt Facebook is going to rock your world.

That’s the first thing I noticed, there was always a new kind of alert. Updates flooded in with likes, waves, pokes even mentionables in comments. It’s instant and consistent gratification so I can see the hook.

I couldn’t put my phone down!

Admittedly after connecting with old friends and family members I haven’t seen forever, I was sold. It’s fun to see who pops up next.

With that said after two weeks the new car smell wore off; it’s become more of a chore.

After leaving big Pharma when my first was born five years ago, I essentially went off the grid and it was so blissful.

Instead of incessantly looking down at (one of) my phones, sometimes hours even days would pass without looking at a bity screen.

It feels exceptionally good because when you’re with loved ones you actually enjoy the moment instead of just missing it because your head is buried in a phone.

Likewise when you’re able to get some time to yourself you can collect your thoughts and reflect. It’s a definitive break you can savor not wasted time spent scrolling away.

Many people are ONLY comfortable with information overload because we’ve become so accustomed to it in the 21st-century.

I grew up before the advent of cell phones which meant you hit up Encyclopedia Brittanica and thumbed through the pages when you needed to find something out.

If you wanted to hear a new song you had to go to the mall and buy the cassette or CD.

Movie nights were a big deal. If you weren’t going to the Theatre you had to go to your local video store and pick one up.

For those of you who are too young to remember, instead of pushing a few buttons to get a new flick, the new movies out would be displayed on the walls of a store.

If you weren’t early enough the blockbusters would clear out and you’d be SOL.

Cell phones make life EASIER!

What’s changed now is instead of it just enhancing our own entertainment, it’s also taken over our entire social being.

Now we can be in 24/7 contact with our entire network but that’s also reciprocal.

Since day one that’s been one of my biggest issues with FB. Stricter settings have supposedly been implemented but the CREEPER factor of it is overwhelming.

Instead of minding our own business, everybody’s business is on display.

Even if you think your “Friends” are in check, anonymity is almost a thing of the past.

Say you’ve manipulated your profile for the best defense, don’t kid yourself the personal intel being collected on you is still endless.

Look at your data feed, it’s chock-full of advertisements targeted to YOU. Were you just talking about something that came up in your feed? Do you think that’s coincidence?

Do you really want to be connected to every Tom, Dick and Harry? Facebook does.

Evidently people crave this communication because pretty much everyone does it.

The main mode of parent/teacher connection my child’s preschool uses is FB.

I missed my 20 Year High School Reunion because I was not on it. I’ve also missed a lot of pics from my Kindergartener’s classroom.

I definitely feel more in the loop now and it’s really fun to see (some😜) new posts!

When starting I heard people say FB is on its way out but I dispute that, at least with my age group in particular.

Sure the younger kids may be onto the next but if you’re in the 40 and over subset with an FB account (stats say 7 out of 10 of you) are visiting Facebook at least once a day.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Interestingly before I jumped on FB, it was nothing during dinner time for my husband to be scrolling through it reading stuff from the most random people on a slow night.

One meal stands out when I noticed he was looking at posts from my sister’s 24-year-old friend doing bikini shots on the beach.

Hey he’s a guy. If there’s a pulse and they like girls they’re going to look but with FB it could be the equivalent of playing with fire.

When I told the moms from gymnastics class about that and they found out I didn’t even use Facebook, let’s just say they looked at me as if I had four heads. For real.

It made me laugh! Believe you and me I called him on it when I saw it! Friending on FB after a beach day, she has no clue who he is YET now he can see her pics on FB? That’s exactly why I think it’s gas on the flame.

Now since I’ve gone from 0-100 with my phone use oh boy the tables have turned!

The biggest con of FB is the time it takes away from connecting with your loved ones.

Maybe the new car smell has worn off for you as well and you use it to supplement your free time, if so FB is a great place to reconnect which is great for the soul.

Furthermore if you’re retired or have tons of free time and that’s your thing, have at it.

That’s what this blog is all about, YOU DO YOU!

My only advice after going TEN full years without it is to pump the brakes a bit.

I hate hearing ‘everything in moderation’, personally I moderate in moderation, but if Facebook make you happy, get it in.

While standing in lines, waiting for something to start or if you have time to kill it becomes much more enjoyable with FB.

It’s a great time filler and since we don’t go anywhere without our phones it helps fill in the blanks if you’ve got a long train ride or are in the backseat of an Uber and have time to kill with no work to be done. Whatever.

At least cellphones have come a long way. Mama got a bag phone back in the day (all for show) when they first came out.

For those of you who don’t remember the sleek phone we have today initially had an exterior battery that was so big it required a bag to carry it around. No joke.

Early phones were most popular with boaters, truckers and people in rural areas.

Fast forward to 2020 and EVERYBODY is on their cell phone more often than not and guess what they’re looking at, chances are it’s FB or some other social media platform.

Now we’re all fake wolves of Wall Street, waiting for that next phone alert to go off.

Can it wait? Why is it buzzing? Is it really work or could your precious moments be better spent living in the moment, not posting about it? You get what you give!

Are you giving yourself to the right people?

Food for thought now please go share this with your network on Facebook 😂😭!

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If you do think you’re on your phone too often, here are some tips to wean yourself!

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