SOLD: How to SELL ANYTHING to ANYONE even if you hate sales

Grownup Gripe: If the thought of sales makes you think of Tony at the used car lot, read this.

What do you think of selling? Maybe it’s not for you or you think you’re not good at it.

Fact of the matter is you’re in sales. You are sold and sell yourself on a daily basis whether or not you’re aware of it. It’s true!

Life is a series of sales. Think about how do you get what you want from your children? Your spouse? Your job? Even from yourself?

It’s all negotiation or sales!

If you’d rather cut your right arm off than sell something to someone please take note.

Sales has been given a bad rep! It starts in high school. Did you have to read ‘Death of a Salesman’? It’s a train wreck.

In a nutshell the main character Willy Loman (symbolizing low man on the totem pole) was an unsuccessful salesman and his family greatly suffered. It’s a “classic” but it’s flawed.

It was not a good look!

The book paints a horrible picture of salesman and its ingrained in us early on.

Not positive but I’m pretty sure there aren’t a ton of five-year-olds walking around saying I want to be a salesman when I grow up which is such a shame. It’s a great gig.

In my opinion you can’t get a better job than sales. You’re not chained to a desk all day, you get to wine and dine people and you get paid to talk. It’s fantastic!

Starting with trying to sell Dating Services (unsuccessfully) to Financial and Administrative Staffing then finally Pharmaceuticals, I’ve had a great run!

Throughout my career I’ve gotten to meet some awesome people and travel all over. It’s been a great way to make a living.

When I hit 35 my biological clock struck. After 15 years in Corporate I scaled back to raise a family and here’s what I learned from selling to customers to selling to kids.

It’s not much different!

My sales job is not over, the target list has just changed. I still bring value, provide solutions to perceived problems and facilitate pull-through to implementation.

That’s my job as a mom and in sales.

It’s all about persistence, figuring out a better way of doing things and getting those on board with you to follow suit.

Are there things in your life you’d like to change up? What or who is in the way?

Are there people you need to persuade to do things but don’t know where to start?

Here are some tips to sell whatever it is you’re trying to sell to everyone in your life!

7 Secrets to Sell Anything to Anybody

1. Pinpoint Decision Maker

Whether it’s your boss or your two-year-old, you need to identify your target.

Now you may run into some folks who believe they are the decision-maker but ultimately are not. Find out who is holding the purse strings and hone in on them.

2. Learn about your Target

Ask them questions. Assume nothing.

What is it you want to know? What motivates them? Why do they feel the way they do they do about the perceived “problem”?

3. Is there a Gatekeeper?

Is your target a one-man show or are there major influencers involved (I.e. your bosses’ boss or your 2 year olds’ siblings?)

Be sure everyone your target depends on is on your side. They will help with influence.

4. Provide Solution(s) to the “Problem

Based on the Intel you learned come up with a plan of attack that not only encompasses your goals but also gels with theirs.

Even if they don’t think there’s an issue, when you come up with a better way of doing things they want they will be all ears.

5. Time it just Right

TIMING is everything. If you don’t have their full attention or their guard is up, hold off until they’re fully engaged.

Watch their body language too. Are they closed off or opened up? If they’re closed off they’re still guarded so pump the brakes. Wait until you see they’ve opened up.

6. Prepare a Call to Action

What do you want from this person? What’s in it for them? How would they benefit?

Mutual is the key word. Depending on the outcome you want, use your mutually beneficial prepared call to action to close.

Write your close out. Practice it out loud.

If both parties feel they’re winning out in the end, it’s a no brainer. You’ve got this!

7. Be Persistent

This is why sales people get a bad name but unfortunately it’s the name of the game. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

Just because you know your proposed call to action works better than the SOP, it may take more convincing. Go back to the drawing board if you have to.

Find your targets triggers and keep closing!

The most rewarding part of the sales gig is getting the sale. I’ve literally done air punches outside of doctor’s offices.

I’m not going to lie, I have a three-year-old who will not poop in the potty and I cannot sell her on doing it for the life of me.

I’ve tried rewarding her, praising her, bribing her, punishing her, you name it we’ve tried it and nothing seems to work.

It’s not always going to be a knock out. I think that’s the hardest part of sales.

More often than not it’s an uphill battle and it’s just easier to give up but if you do stick with it eventually they’ll come around.

I learned from the best. Mama could sell ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves. She sold antiques and could hustle YUPs at a flea market better than anyone.

My Dad is the total opposite, he hates selling and hates sales people. There are different strokes for different folks.

Sales is never going away though so the more tricks you can have in your back pocket the better! Hope these tips help!

Here’s a FREE printable for your reference!

If you know somebody who’s trying to sell something or needing to, please pass along.

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