7 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues during COVID

Grownup Gripe: By the time February rolls around, it’s hard not to be California Dreamin’ when you’ve been shoveling snow for months.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to enjoy year round nice weather, shout out to you lucky dogs out in San Diego 🙂 for many of us this time of year brings the winter blues.

We all are suffering from PTCD, Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder, and this year was a doozy with the shortened season.

Understandably not everybody celebrates Christmas. I’m referring to the holidays starting with Thanksgiving, no matter what you celebrate, it all can be a s**t show.

It’s called winter break but there’s no break. It’s the most wonderful time of year but also the most stressful for most of us.

Studies reveal the most likely day and time during the year a person will have a heart attack is on Christmas Eve at 10pm.

This recent research out of Sweden found the odds rise nearly 40%. It’s no joke.

Businesses were marketing Xmas items in October since Thanksgiving came so early this year. It was absolutely crazy seeing Halloween displays with hints of Santa.

Put a fork in us!

Along with the worse than usual roller coaster ride of weather we’ve been on the last four months it ALL has taken it’s toll.

Aside from keeping warm and binge watching shows, this off-time of year has perks you may not always make the time for.


7 Tips to Fight the Winter Blues

1. Finish that Project you Started Last Year

If you’re like me, you start things with great intentions but certain items on the To-Do list keep showing up week after week.

Perhaps you started a remodel in the basement and never got around to the finishing touches, just get ‘er done now!

It could be simple things such as ordering pictures and filling frames or scheduling all the kids doctors appointments, whatever you’ve been putting off finally get it crossed off your list once and for all. It feels so good!

2. Start Something New

Spring is around the corner, after all and now is a great time when nothing else is going on to learn a new hobby or sport.

Everything new is fun-at least at first. This way if you don’t like it you didn’t waste your time when you could be outside.

It’s also rewarding to succeed at something you’ve never done before and maybe been thinking about for a long while now.

3. Take some Time for some Self-Care

My guess is if your kids haven’t been to the doctor you definitely have not! Who wants to go to the clinic during the summer? Nobody unless you HAVE to be there!

Schedule all your checkups, including the dentist, eye doc and a visit with your general practitioner to make sure all is in order.

Make sure your insurance is up to date for the year and get those appts on the books.

4. Get out of Dodge

There is no better time than now to get out of town. With all the kids in school before spring break you can find some awesome travel deals in February.

Even if money is tight, drive somewhere you’ve been wanting to go nearby or take the train OR visit an old friend (see below).

5. Schedule a get together with old friends

You’ve probably been eyeball deep with school activities since it started last year!

Wouldn’t it be great to get away from it all for a bit and see those you never get to see?

Between the school year and summer activities, the height of winter is a good opportunity to get together when things aren’t super busy. It’s good for the soul.

6. Volunteer

Food banks, nonprofit organizations, shelters and soup kitchens see a windfall of volunteers during the holiday season.

Many people and companies take advantage of year-end tax breaks on charitable contributions and also it’s simply a good time of year to reflect and give back.

The majority of us think about it (or talk about it) but national numbers say only one in four of us actually gives our time.

You’ve probably been thinking or saying you need to do more for a cause close to your heart and what time is better than now to start? It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

7. Clean up your Act

Whether or not you set a New Year’s resolution, research says those pipe dreams are out the window by now so reevaluate with this in mind and take some inventory.

Sure that diet may not have stuck, you still do whatever you do 24/7 and it is what it is. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

If you’ve come to grips with that believing now what you didn’t then, what is it you still have a chance of accomplishing?

We’re all human and life is about compromise. Use slow months to figure out the steps you’re willing to take to be your best and make adjustments if necessary.

When there aren’t pool parties, barbecues, concerts, lake houses to visit, etc the winter is a great time to get some things done.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hibernating when cold. We as animals were designed to retreat during the winter.

The older my kids get the more activities there are so I also get it never comes to a standstill but at least as things slow down, you can better optimize your downtime.

It may be out of your comfort zone but that’s the whole point, it will be worth it!

If you know someone suffering with the cold winter blues, please pass along!

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