Completely Makeover a Room in Less than 24 Hours and $250: 8 Helpful Hints Before Starting

Grownup Gripe: Save it for home and garden tv, I’d rather watch those fixer upper shows than do it!

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There are those who are handy by nature and some of us who try, no matter what we can do it.

Have you ever taken on a remodel by yourself?

My five-year-old essentially forced me into a bedroom makeover by moving into her new room before the revamp even got started. #Determined

We talked about it for a while but her birthday is around the corner and we said we’ll do it for that.

Operation Unicorn Room Makeover is underway!

The first (and easiest) thing I did was go online and buy new bedding, curtains, art and a rug all outfitted with unicorns to go with the theme.

There are so many great deals out there with so many options. I spent less than $150 for it all.

Next stop I went to the hardware store and picked up some paint for the walls and the furniture.

Tops I spent five minutes picking out colors, it was a tie between funny face and noble blush.

Funny face was pinker but I thought it would look like a clown room so went with the noble blush.

This isn’t my first rodeo. My first house looked like an Easter egg because the colors were too bold so I now get a little help from social media experts.

Check out Pinterest to get ideas!

Everything is subjective so go with what you like and who cares what anybody else thinks?

I’m Italian so the more outrageous the better as far as I’m concerned. To each their own!

I purchased glitter silver spray paint for the furniture having no idea what I was getting into.

It’s not as easy as I thought.

I’m not very good with these types of projects.

They sound great in my head at first but implementation becomes a problem because I’m not very crafty when it comes down to it.

I’m ready though so I got started on painting the furniture. It’s much harder than I thought.

Sanding the drawers was easy but it’s not just shooting and spraying paint. It takes technique.

INSIDER TRICK: The more coats of paint you put on the better and the farther away you can stand while spray painting is best.

I used this white primer to lighten the base of each piece before adding the silver glitter paint.

I initially bought six cans of silver paint but ultimately used about nine more to get it right.

Spray paint was my biggest unexpected expense.

Often times it would drip. A few times I almost threw in the towel it looked so bad but for the most part I found the paint to be forgiving.

Finally it came time for painting the actual room which I found to be the most rewarding task.

It took about two hours to tape and six hours to paint but this is where the rubber hits the road.

Operation Unicorn room makeover was almost complete. All that was left was to bring it all together and complete the finishing touches.

My daughter was ecstatic. All in all it took about three full days of work to knock it out.

Surely it can be done faster or slower depending on your rate of speed.

The point is it’s a short term project anyone can do that reaps long-term results for time to come!

Whether you’re making over your kid’s room or your own, enjoying the fruits of your labor is exhilarating knowing you did it all yourself.

Not only will you save tons of money but you’ll appreciate it even more (so will the others.)

8 Foolproof Tips to an Easy & Inexpensive Kid’s Bedroom Makeover

1.) Pick a theme.

This will help you with overall planning. 

It does NOT have to be a unicorn-themed room but pick a color scheme or theme you embrace.

Stick with it throughout the process. Use it to buy the accoutrements and while choosing colors.

2.) Keep moving if things look bad.

Multiple times during this project, particularly during the bed frame and dresser furniture painting, everything was dripping, spotting, pulling up and pretty much a disaster.

Instead of throwing in the towel, which I thought of more than once, I just tried to keep calm and carry on. You can fix any mistake you make with time. You’ll figure it out, trust me!

3.) Expect the unexpected.

Not everything is going to go your way. Be prepared to go back to the hardware store.

Even the most meticulous planners cannot for see certain obstacles that will pop up.

Hopefully you live close or with online shopping whatever you need will come ASAP.

That additional time was factored in to the total 24 hours as I had to go back and forth 3 times.

4.) Buy more of items you can easily return.

This is piggybacking on lesson three but it’s something I quickly learned along the way.

I’d buy more than I needed and organized my receipts and items by bags for future returns.

When you’re in the homestretch and can’t wait to be done, this tip will do you good. You’ll be so happy you don’t have to run out for one more can of spray paint or another roll of tape.

Hold onto your receipts and return promptly.

No harm no foul: it will save you time and energy in the long run, unless you’re psychic.

5.) Source used items cheap/FREE.

Start in your basement or other rooms in the house. I guarantee there are items you have you can repurpose in a newer and better way.

Review what you have in storage. A mere coat (or few) of paint will make it fresh again.

Go to thrift stores, estate sales on the last day, garage sales, not to mention cool items pop up everyday on FB marketplace and craigslist.

If you’ve got Pottery Barn taste on an IKEA budget, this tip alone will be your game changer.

Check out your favorite home decor magazines and see what colors are in season. Find similar items cheap and repurpose them. #newdigs

6.) Take breaks, schedule 4/6/8 hours at a time.

It’s a marathon not a sprint. You don’t do this for a living and the majority of it should be enjoyable.

For those of you who sit in a desk all day, keep in mind this is manual labor. Not only can it get frustrating it can also get physically exhausting.

Break it up on the weekends during a month or two and it will take you three or four weekends.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

7.) Spend 20 more bucks to get the good paint.

This saves you not only time but also work.

Work smart, not hard right? The paint I bought got the job done in one coat. There are a lot of these primer plus paints on the market now.

It’s definitely money well spent. Unless you want to double your work load, check them out.

8.) Don’t over think decisions.

One of the reasons I believe I completed this project so quickly is due to fast decision-making.

You’re not decorating the oval office, for this example it was a unicorn bedroom.

Maybe it’s your own room. Whatever room it is no matter what goes wrong you can fix it.

If you’ve got all the time in the world, great!

If you wanna knock this out before it sits unfinished for a year, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Just do it!

Sure $250 is a lot to throw around but every kid has a birthday each year and how many toys do they get that they ultimately don’t play with?

Chances are you spend close to that if not more for all their presents so why not make a room makeover their birthday present instead?

Waking up each day in their dream room will make them feel good. Who doesn’t want that?

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