Mini Makeovers: Simple Room Changers You Can Do in Less than an Hour

Grownup Gripe: I’ll look at a mess for months and think about cleaning it than actually really doing it.

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Has an innocent pile of mail turned into a mountain? See my weakness is delivery boxes.


What’s yours?!?

A Hoardersesque pile overtook my Dining Room and after looking at it forever, I’m ready!


It literally took me about 30 minutes to clean up however I’ve been talking about doing it forever.

Have you kept a thing in good faith which turned into more things then Hoarders: Buried Alive?

Are you finally ready to reclaim your space?

Take the time!

You’ll be so satisfied with the results.

I moved on from the corner and finally cleaned off my armoire as well. It’s a Dining Room again!


I didn’t want to stop there. Next on my list was my family room which as the name implies they’ve (and their toys) absolutely taken it over.

This room gets a clean sweep once every couple weeks as their stuff multiples like cockroaches!

After a few spider scares in the basement where they have a HUGE playroom they set up shop upstairs, pretty much right next to the front door.

Things get laxed and the toy pile up gets ugly.

30 minutes is all you need!


On a roll, I took it downstairs to the basement!

Music to my husband’s ears, he’s been talking about cleaning up the basement for years now.

It becomes a land mine for all our odds and ends.

As the kids get bigger and grow out of things and the holidays come and go, things just accumulate.

Instead of going to our workout class Saturday morning Wes went with the kids. I knocked it out.

It literally only took about an hour and felt great!


My husband called my mini makeover series “cleaning up😂.” Maybe there’s some truth to it.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s amazing what just a little time and will power can make happen!

Keeping up with the momentum I tackled my TV stand which has turned into a kids stash table.

We used to have one of those big old honking Televisions and finally got rid of it last year.

I got this hutch to replace the space there and organize the living room but just never got to it.


What a difference live plants make!


Maybe you’re in the same boat. Maybe it’s not a space but a work bag, wallet, purse or your car.

LIFE takes over!

If you’re like me, deep cleaning isn’t exactly the #1 activity on your To-Do List but Spring is right around the corner so get cleaning.

You will feel like a new person when it’s done and whatever you “made over” will feel like new too!

Please send me before and afters so I can post.

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