Rags to ‘Riches’ Tie Dye Makeover: Squirt Dye Art for Everyone & Everything

Grownup Gripe: If I’m going to be stuck with my kids all day, I want an activity we can ALL get around.

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When was the last time you tie-dyed something?

Summer Camp in the 80s (the 90s or even the 70s)?

Whenever it was, chances are if you don’t have the shirt anymore you remember how fun the process was. Or how laborious it was, at least?

Believe it or not that look like I’m on cloud 9 shirt takes lot of effort to look like that. It’s not easy!

Even though it’s a multi-process technique-made popular during our parent’s heyday-it’s classic.

Most of us love the look and it’s fun to create!

Did you know though there are 14 steps involved in making tie-dyed clothing and accessories?

Not only is it a ton of work but it’s also really hard for little hands to tie rubber bands all over textiles tight enough to stop the bleeding of colors.


With two kids under the age of five, tie dying just isn’t feasible but squirting dye is a lot less difficult.

If you think it’s too messy, it’s not if you take it outside. It is stupidly easy and let me tell you the Return on Investment is tenfold, really.

All you do is add water and shoot, that’s it!

Most importantly, it’s FUN for kids of ALL ages.

Thanks to COVID-19 we’re stuck at home so if it’s nice outside, it’s an extraordinary project for kids.

It will keep them busy for hours and they also get a sense of pride from creating their own stuff.

Go From Rags to ‘Riches’

Rummage through dressers and gather clothes.

Don’t stop there, check out your linen closet and browse through your accessories (even old socks).

Pull any dull or light colored items you haven’t used forever that’d benefit from an overhaul.

In addition to pants, shirts, onesies and socks you can also dye hair bows and old, faded pillowcases.

Just put down old boxes and let ’em have at it!!!

Make sure the kiddos use gloves or it’ll be ugly!

Also you can do it inside with lots of tarps and a lot of metal drip trays but outside is way easier.

You’re dying items so it won’t be tidy but if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves it’s well worth it.

My kids have the attention span of a gnat and I was amazed how long this project occupied them.

We did a squirt dye buffet of items so that helped.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because once they’re done every time they wear one of their little masterpieces they feel like a million bucks.

You can still use these dyes for tie-dying if you prefer or have older children. Squirt dying is just an alternative thanks to its ease of use for all.

Whichever technique you decide on, here are steps to EASY set up and better yet clean up.



  1. Set up work station. It’s messy so put out tarps or cut out old boxes. Spread them out.
  2. Spread out items to dye across the boxes leaving an open tarp available for drying.
  3. Add water to squirt bottles, use carriers to transport. Save for easy cleaning afterward.
  4. Get dyeing!!! Let air dry for a few hours.
  5. Place in plastic bags (I just used old shopping bags). Let sit overnight.
  6. Wash on cold and dry (with just the items you dyed) to set the color. Wear and enjoy!

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