The 19 Silver Linings of COVID-19

Grownup Gripe: Since when did you think you’d have to put a face mask on to get needed groceries?

First and foremost THANK YOU to EVERYONE of you sacrificing SO MUCH on the frontlines for us.

For those of you out of work because of this, hopefully it’ll turn around whenever this is over.

COVID-19 has swept the world by storm. Life as we knew it will never be the same. It’s surreal.

We’ll get through this together!

Until yesterday I hadn’t left my house since school got out Friday the 13th. I’m thankful to be in this position; I know some people don’t have a choice.

I never thought I’d feel as if I was going to war to feed my family and this isn’t going to let up soon.

It really is like the twilight zone out there and nobody really knows when we’ll get out of it.

It’s scary particularly because we can’t predict what’s going to happen next and have no control.

Trying to decipher between what’s true and false is tough there’s so much information out there.


If you’re still going out without absolute necessity, you are being selfish and putting people at risk.

If you think you have it bad with limitations, the immunocompromised are literally in isolation.

Check yourself. The only way we’ll get some type of normalcy back is if we stop the spread of it.

For anyone on social media, you’ve seen the post about our past generations being called to war and us being called to stay home. It’s not hard.

Obviously it is for some people who HAVE to be out there but if you don’t, it’s as simple as that.

There’s no question this virus has negatively impacted you and those you love in many ways.

The question is WHAT positives can we take away from this forced world pause for so many of us?

Grownup Gripes is all about silver linings!

The state of affairs couldn’t get worse however how has it put things in perspective for you?

Here are 19 Life Lessons Learned from COVID-19

  1. Family comes first. This is who you’re in lockdown with (if you’re single, think extended) but the Coronavirus has brought the family unit back together. Instead of fleeting ships in the night, we’re together-for better or worse-every waking hour. Take this time to reconnect and really talk to your kids and spouse. You don’t know what you’ve been missing.
  2. Home is where the heart is. If it’s NOT, than you’ve got some soul searching to do. Home is where we’re quarantined. Hopefully it’s a place of love. If it’s not, this should push you to make some real changes when this is all over. It’s your sanctuary, now more than ever. Do whatever you need to do to make it that.
  3. We as humans are social beings. If you didn’t know what Zoom was before all this, you do now. If we can’t be together we are able to connect like George Jetson in this day and age which is amazing especially for those you love afar. It’s good for your heart and your soul.
  4. Cooking is an essential life skill. How much more have you cooked in the last few weeks? If you’re not a good cook (or don’t live with one) you most likely have been living on takeout still, throwing caution to the wind out of necessity. From now on be sure to kiss the cook because now you know how hard it is. Check out these easy recipes if you need help.
  5. Faith comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to stay in church (though 8 states still see it as an essential service putting MANY at risk). There are spiritual options for everyone. No matter what floats your boat, when the going gets tough faith matters.
  6. Community is important. The need to be a part of a tribe is eminent and it’s amazing to hear of creative ways different neighborhoods have come together during this crisis. Whether it’s supporting your local businesses or placing teddy bears in your front window, most of us realize we’re all in this together.
  7. Respect our sick and elders at all costs. Hospitals and nursing homes don’t allow visitors so it’s been eye-opening to see what special events have occurred through window panes of the most vulnerable. Nobody is left behind and it’s awesome to see family members not forgetting about those who are unable to be in the same room as us.
  8. Food is obviously an issue in America. We can feed those in remote countries all over the world but we need to open our eyes (and wallets if possible) and admit this problem is prevalent in our own backyard. Food pantries’ shelves are being wiped out and school children who rely on hot meals are going hungrier during this pandemic.
  9. Don’t take your health for granted. Sick people can’t even step foot out of their house without a paralyzing fear of getting this thing. They can’t hug their kids or in some cases even be in the same house. The risk of death is tenfold when you’re immune compromised.
  10. No more excuses. If you’re not doing something you procrastinated on forever during home quarantine chances are it’s never going to get it done. 86 it off the list.
  11. Paper is a problem. Looks like we need to come up with some new inventions for paper products. You’ve seen the rush on these supplies at the store so is in the future we could come up with something else to use, our planet would appreciate it.
  12. Don’t believe everything you read of hear. Just because you read it on the internet definitely doesn’t make it true and if you’re getting your news from old friends on social media, be sure to do checks and balances.
  13. Give your kid’s teacher a break. I’ve always heard from my teacher friends the worst part about the job is the parents. Back off. Now you see how hard it is so remember this next year (or whenever we’re back) before you send that email or request a new prof.
  14. The grass isn’t always greener. Did you used to hate on stay at home moms because you thought they had it easy and now are you anxious to get back to work? Or did you hate your job and now you realize it’s better than nothing? Whatever it is, this has definitely been a game changer in so many ways.
  15. By nature we’re creatures of habit. When you break from your routine there are often consequences. To make it smoother for you and your family during this stick to your old schedule when at home as much as possible.
  16. Sports is everything-to sports fans. I didn’t even notice but my husband sure did. We all like to get behind something to foster a lot of what’s written above so if we don’t have sports, it’ll be a show like ‘Tiger King’ bringing everyone together in some way. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em I guess.
  17. Kids are sponges. Whatever you’re doing and saying even out of their sight (in the other room) is heard and felt. Luckily they’re resilient (and so are we) so just keep that in mind when you’re venting to each other at home.
  18. Thank your healthcare providers and everyone of the essential workers putting their lives on the line for all of us. Give them a raise when this is over and be sure to pay your respects. The accolades are much deserved. We can’t do this without them.
  19. You can’t fix stupid. Some people no matter what are either selfish or stupid but with everything going on still keep going out. WTF? The longer you do this the longer this will last. Don’t you want this to be over?!?

With time (Lord only knows how long) this too shall pass. Look at Wuhan, months later and life is starting to return. We’ll be on a similar trajectory but we have to flatten the curve now.

Do your part and stay home in order to save lives!

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