Oil and Water and Piss and Vinegar: 2 Easy Science Experiments Kids Will Love

Grownup Gripes: Since we’re all acting school teachers now household items can wow your ‘class.’

For all you parents out there, eLearning during quarantine has proved challenging no doubt.

The schools have really stepped up with virtual curricula to keep kids busy but it only goes so far.

If you got a dollar every time you heard “I’m bored” I’m sure most of us would be rich by now.

Kids need to learn how to self entertain but let’s face it when you can’t go anywhere it’s tough.

Make Learning Fun!

It’s as easy as a few household items you have in your kitchen that will entertain them for a while.

You’ve got enough to do so if you need a break two salad dressing ingredients mixed with water and baking soda is EASY entertainment for all.

One mixes (really fast) and one does not mix.

Depending on your children’s ages you can get into the chemistry of different molecules or not.

No matter what, kids of all ages will enjoy!

Oil and water DO NOT mix. Here’s a cool example.


Grab a cup and fill halfway up with water. Add food coloring if you have it for more effect.

Using a dropper or plastic syringe plunge the water into the oil creating liquid ‘stones.’

Find another small Tupperware container or cup and fill at least halfway with canola oil.

Let kids go to town. No worries, it’s easy cleanup!

Now if that wasn’t easy enough, hold up.

Let’s Make a Volcano!!!


Find container(s) with low edges (or cut a disposable cup down) and use rocks to hold up.

Grab a box of baking soda and handle (if possible you’ll use so much) of vinegar with food coloring if you want-we only had yellow. Add 1/3 cup of baking soda to container(s).

Add food coloring to 1 cup of vinegar. Pour vinegar into baking soda. Create a ‘volcano.’

Let them add as much vinegar as they want. When baking soda is all dissolved, add more.

They will talk about this one for days! Best of all, it’s so much fun and super easy to clean up.

Given everything seems to be harder these days, I’m all about keeping it EASY!

These two simple activities couldn’t be easier to do so hope you guys enjoy them as much as us!

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