Start a Band: Keep Your Kids Busy for Hours with Homemade Instruments

Grownup Gripe: If I wanted to be an early childhood educator I would have but now we have no choice.

We’re a month into this thing and if their homeschool work is getting stagnant, shake it up!

The younger ones will love this (though I’m sure they all would at this point) because music is fun.

This is what 3 and 5 year olds come up with. It can get more sophisticated the older the kids are.

If you’re saving $ right now or just don’t want to wait weeks for it to arrive go see what you’ve got.

Look around the house for everyday items you can make some sound with. This is fun and free.

Better yet it gets their creative juices flowing and their mind off the current atmosphere of cra cra.

Best of all it gets them off your back for a bit!!!

For those of you with little ones around, here are some ideas we found inspiration from but have at it if you have a lot of supplies. The sky is the limit.

Create your own instruments using RECYCABLES!


  • Toilet paper roll cardboard
  • Wax paper or coffee filters or foil
  • Rubber bands or hair ties

Wrap coffee filter around top of cardboard tube with rubber band or hair tie. Pop hole in it.


  • Tape
  • Cardboard base
  • Big hollow containers such as laundry detergent bottle/washed out applesauce jar

Tape containers onto cardboard base.


  • 2 Plastic Spoons
  • Plastic Egg
  • Tape
  • Lentils, pebbles, beans or any little movers

Place filling into plastic egg and tape up. Please egg between two plastic spoons and tape it all up.


  • Two paper plates
  • Tape
  • Lentils, pebbles, beans or any little movers

Place filling between 2 plates. Seal tightly with tape, make sure no space is between the pieces.

Hand Bells

  • Egg carton
  • Sleigh bells or pennies
  • Tape

Tape sleigh bells or change into egg carton.


  • Cereal Box
  • Rubberbands, long balloons or string
  • Wrapping paper or paper towel tube
  • String or pipe cleaners
  • Tape

Cut a hole in the cereal box. Secure strings over the hole with tape on each side of the hole. Tightly tape long tube inside of the box. Make guitar strap by poking hole into box top and tying a knot inside the box to hold. Tape to other side.

It’s enough work in itself to go scavenging for the items and putting them together that decorating is optional however-just want to put it out there.

The point is to keep it easy. I bet a lot of you laughed when you saw the pics but it’s so simple a child can actually do it while you do YOU.

My youngest started on the tambourine while my oldest assembled each part, talk about teamwork.

Coming up with music after all their efforts was next on the list. They loved making up songs!

Have them record their concerts and then cha ching they’ll spend even more time watching clips.

It’s a win-win for all! Just be sure you’ve got ear plugs😂. Hope this gives you a little time for you!

Thanks for reading! Sharing is caring, please pass along to others in need of early childhood ideas.

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