Why Keeping your Cool IS Cool during Coronavirus: if this pandemic stressed you out just remember this too shall pass

Grownup Gripe: Fighting with your spouse during lockdown is inevitable; how do you keep the peace?

If this Caronavirus hasn’t tested your patience at some point, I want what you’re having 😂😭😂

I’ve actually really enjoyed hanging with the fam 24/7 but I ain’t going to lie, sometimes it’s hard.

This weekend things got real. My husband and I both came to our breaking point over nothing.

At the time it did not feel that way but it was literally over a stupid FB pic he posted of us.

This is the actual picture, I look like I have to go potty

We’ve handled this 24/7 togetherness nowhere to escape quarantine glowingly up to that point.

Neither one of us were willing to budge. #tension

It went on a good few hours til the next morning and we STILL get pissed when we think about it!!!

Initially I declared war in my head but undoubtedly he wouldn’t be the only one that suffered, my kids would take the brunt of it.

The peace we knew and have truly been enjoying would be gone. We BOTH had to get it together.


It’s really good advice I got a while back though no doubt at times it’s WAY easier said than done.

I goth this unsolicited advice while on vacation.

A burly gray haired retiree started talking me up (as most Southerners do ha) in the produce aisle at the old Food Lion grocer in Carolina Beach, NC.

He told me a story which stopped this Northerner whose always in a ‘hurry’ in my tracks (for a few).

Somehow aware I was annoyed with my husband, how I don’t know, he handed me a coconut.

Encouragingly he said breaking into this thing would be a fun family project. I wasn’t so sure.

Evidently years back he and his wife got in a huge fight in front of their kids while cracking a coconut open-which made me even more apprehensive.

He went onto say that later that night his son confronted him and asked why he let Mom ‘win’?

Even the young boy felt she was definitely in the wrong yet his Father ate crow to keep the peace.

Here’s what this wise old Dad said about that.

“Did you have fun tonight son?”

Son said “Yes we all did Dad!!!”

“If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been.”

That’s it. It’s not rocket science but it’s true.

If somebody or both of you don’t put it to bed (unless it’s a non-negotiable), you’ll be in prison.

Literally your own home will turn into a jail.

I’m not one to sweep anything under the rug, that’s what Grownup Gripes is all about. #Real

But cut each other some slack during this time.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

All our worlds have been turned upside down.

Things you’d equate to fingernails on a chalkboard before now need to be doable.

“Happiness depends on ourselves” said Aristotle.

It’s a choice, either you make it or you don’t!

The problem is everyone around you can’t get away from you during lockdown. #checkyourself

You and your family will always remember these tumultuous times, will they be bad or good times?

It’s up to you to decide. If you need some help in the happiness department, check this article out.

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