The Best is Yet to Come: Are You Ready When This is Over? 7 Post-Carona Tips

Grownup Gripe: It was doable for a while but now when will this end and what’s the new normal?

At this point I think we all feel like a fly in a bottle.

We’d do anything to get it back the way it used to be but unfortunately the world we knew is over.

How do we move forward?

If we flatten the curve we can start getting out again so let’s prepare ourselves for what’s next.

As more states lift stay-at-home orders, no matter if we think it’s wrong or right OR we’re actually ready for it, it’s going to happen. #ontothenext

Are YOU Ready?

Doors are opening now. I think more will be sooner rather than later. You’re already seeing it.

We’re going to be able to finally get out there again and at no better time than the summer.

What will be our new norm? None of us are sure but there are things we can do to help ease into this new way of life with some peace of mind.

7 Tips for Staying Safe When We Can Leave Home

1. Put together a ‘CLEAN Travel Kit’ you can transport everywhere. It should include masks for the whole fam, hand sanitizer and wipes. Put anything in there you deem necessary when out to keep germs at bay without a sink and soap.

2. Minimize unnecessary stops when traveling as much as possible. Plan ahead and bring snacks or drinks from home to limit unessential exposures.

3. Don’t let your guard down, just because you’re finally getting out again don’t let go of inhibitions. We don’t know what’s going to happen when more people start going out so be smart about it.

4. Keep social distancing. Give yourself at least six feet away from outsiders. It’ll be hard, especially with our closest peeps, but this virus is airborne and we need to keep our distance.

5. Watch your kids, closely. We’ve always known them to be mini germs but now it got real. The more you can limit their exposure the better. Ensure they know the risks. Open doors for them. Don’t let them touch everything. Pee outside👇

6. When nature’s calling, go outside (if able to find a country road or quiet trail). I’m sure people will turn their nose up at this but the fact of the matter is it’s cleaner than a public restroom. When you have to go you have to go but IF you have the ability to do it outside, it’s better than a nasty gas station/fast food restaurant bathroom.

7. Enjoy life again and don’t let your anxieties paralyze you. It won’t be easy for us all but be as safe as you can be by taking all the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others healthy.

This is basic stuff but it’s such a strange time it’s comforting to keep our bases covered, if possible.

The question is are you mentally and physically prepared for getting back out there again?

There are strong opinions in each court so all I’ll say is do things at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Hopefully this helps a bit. Thank you for reading!

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