It’s Hell Getting Old or Is It? 8 Pros and 8 Cons of Aging with Tips for a Full Future

Grownup Gripe: I used to think 40 sounded ancient and this year I turn 40, time seriously does fly by.

How do you feel about aging? Do you wear it like a badge of honor or do you keep it under wraps?

Age is just a number…right?

It’s how you feel blah blah blah. As I hit mid-life I find there are basically two schools of thought.

There are those who embrace the journey and others who would do ANYthing to fight it off.

I used to think 40 was so old and now I’m there.

Can’t say I don’t feel it. Add the “COVID 15” to this 4 foot 10 inch frame at 40 years old and I feel it.

When I’m in good shape I feel great so I believe it boils down to living your best life when you can.

People take better care of themselves these days and for good reason, so they can enjoy the end.

There are only two guarantees: death and taxes.

Unfortunately there are some uncontrollables but there are also some controllables so you decide.

Eight Pros and Cons of Getting Old


Older AND wiser thanks to experience

Doing whatever you want 👇

While not giving a flying F any longer

Retirement, enjoying your much-deserved break

Being a Grandparent and sending the kids back

Financial Freedom, if you planned wisely

Strong sense of accomplishment after conquering


Menopause, pro and con, glad that’s finally over


Changes in body, thank you gravity

Hair loss/thinning/graying

Memory Loss/Forgetfulness

Muscle and bone loss

Hearing and vision loss

Increased risk of heart disease, it ALL catches up

Decreased collagen and hormone production

Menopause-everything that accompanies the end


The list is endless and quite frankly doesn’t sound fun but there are actually many upsides to it too.

Life is good!

It’s how you look at it. Obviously these items just skimmed the surface but you LIVED to see it.

As life goes on, we see death, some at younger ages than others and there’s no doubt life is a gift.

Don’t you forget it

Many of us have loved ones who passed away too early. Now they don’t get to be here for it all or there are many like MAMA who don’t get to enjoy it anymore due to a devastating disease.


Could it be me or you one day? We don’t know.

That’s the crux of it. We don’t have total control of much on this ride however we do have some.

Even though we start and end in diapers, it’s much more fun if we can enjoy the in-between.

It all comes together in the end. Genetics will either help or hurt you but make good choices.

In 2020 more than ever we’ve learned how to take better care of ourselves so now is your time.

The more prophylactic measures you take now, the better. Here’s some tips to get you started.

We all know the preventative measures to live our best lives but they’re easier said than done.


Like Frank Sinatra, regrets I’ve had a few but too few to mention. Nothing really stops me.

I’d never want to live thinking I would’ve should’ve or could’ve done something and didn’t particularly when I was able-bodied.

You shouldn’t either. That’s what I’m all about.

If there is something deep down you want to do that you haven’t yet, here’s how to get ‘er done.

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