The Secret Method to Melting Fat + 5 Tips to Find the Best Diet for You

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Grownup Gripe:  The older we get the harder it is to lose weight or is it? What if I said it’s not?

I found the secret bullet to getting the weight off while still eating most of the foods you love!

Counting Macros

Why I fell in love with tracking Macronutrients (Macros for short) is because the diet feels AND IS indulgent since you have to eat so much fat.

Deprivation isn’t in my vocab so if there’s a diet where you can fight fat against fat sign me up.

Everybody’s numbers will be different.  Mine are ~1500 cals, 20 net carbs, 120g of fat, and 95g of protein per day. Read on to get your digits.

I’m not a Doctor and want to preface all of this with the most important thing to note which is to start with what works for you. This is the first tip and probably the most important one of all.

1.  How have you lost weight in the past?

Think about it.  What have you done that was successful before?  If there was more than one thing, think of which diet and exercise regimen is most palatable and sustainable long-term.

There’s no pill or easy way out, unfortunately.  It takes diet & exercise so pick things you like.

Every time I’ve lost weight since having kids is with KETO.  The problem is when I go off I eat every carb in sight so what I’ve come to realize is unless it’s sustainable, it’s not worth it for me.

Not sure about you but my Coronavirus Quarantine Playbook revolved around food and drink so by March I packed on the COVID 15…Who am I kidding, try the COVID 20?

I turned 41 this year and really went back and forth with the thought of trying to get skinny.

Quite frankly I thought at this point maybe it was a lost cause, possibly my ship had passed.

I mean I ain’t tryin’ to impress anyone.  I have a great life!  Who cares about what size jeans I wear? Or anyone’s size for that matter?

The problem was pretty much all my clothes didn’t fit anymore and I was always avoiding the camera so it’s difficult to find many but click here to see my BEFORE and AFTER pictures at least where I’m at currently.

I was uncomfortable and wanted a change so once we got out again in June I started it all.

I’ve got 10 more pounds to go-15 as I slip over the holidays-but I now understand it’s truly a marathon not a sprint and I know the secrets.

It’s a slippery slope (for me)…

I live to eat, not eat to live.  When I go off its full throttle.  I put on 70 pounds in each pregnancy.  However, if I’m going to diet and embrace a new lifestyle I’ve got two non-negotiables.

  • No matter what I’m going to eat late-night snacks, I enjoy it and will never stop.
  • Also, I won’t live on “rabbit food.”  Like I said, I love to eat so it better be good.

These are mine when considering a weight loss program that’ll work for me.  What are yours?

If you want help reaching your goals click here.

2.  What can you embrace for the long-term?

It’s all about consistency. Day in and day out.

The fact is if you’re not going to stick with it long-term or find the lifestyle unattainable, the scale will keep going up and down.  Period.

Keto works for me because I enjoy the food. There’s no specific stat but weight loss excepts agree it starts in the kitchen (what you EAT.)

They say approximately 80-90% of losing unwanted pounds is calories in-calories out.

With this in mind let’s figure in number three.

3.  Are you taking all variables into account?

Any way you slice or dice it you’re going to have to change your current behaviors if you want to see change.  Create a formula keeping your parameters in mind and it’s more apt to really stick.

What other areas of your life do you have to take into consideration when determining your weight loss plan?  Do you have kids?  A demanding job, etc?  Factor these things into your plan.

The more you plan for “life” the better off you’ll be in the long run.  Trust me when the going gets tough those unexpected obstacles will derail you.  If you try and plan for it, it will help.

In a nutshell, “macros” is short for macronutrients.  We get most of our energy from three macronutrients:  Protein, Fats and Carbs.  So to do Macros you need to count those 3 things.

Not all calories are created equal and as I said, I’m not a scientist but I found a secret bullet MACROS calculator. The pounds really started coming off when I used a food tracking app.

Spokesperson, I am not but the proof is in the pudding.  There are a plethora of options out there but the Keto Gains Macros Calculator, Keto Diet Tracking App, and Asana Rebel work.

4.   How much should you eat each day?

If you’re not wild about the apps I love, do some research.  There are many to choose from.

What I’ve learned through the years it doesn’t matter what you do if there’s no calorie deficit.

The key is getting in the foods you enjoy while keeping within your allotted calorie amount that aligns with your weight loss goals.  You need to find a ballpark figure of what that daily goal is.

Wah…wah it sucks but you do.

In order for me to not overdo it in the calorie department, I also added in Intermittent Fasting.

Remember I won’t part with my late-night snacks but I’m not the least bit hungry when I wake up.  That’s naturally how my body clock works so I fast until 3:30 and eat my last snack at 10:30.

Want assistance figuring out your body clock?

Would intermittent fasting work for you?

If you think about it, it’s timeless.  As far as I know, it’s at least an annual ritual among like every religion.  To fast means to abstain from all or SOME kinds of food and drink.

Personally, I can’t go without drinks that long.  I understood why Starbucks made such a killing once I started this practice as I couldn’t get enough coffee in me (I guess it’s my only gas).

Speaking of gas, last but not least is the one thing we ALL know but oftentimes find it hard to do.

5.  Will you move it/lose it?

Mama did not exercise and personally, I feel that contributed to her mental decline as more plaque built-up (Alzheimer’s Research backs this up) so I look at it as another non-negotiable.

Macros is the highlight here but almost EVERYday since I started this journey in June I have at least done something to break a sweat.  Whether it was a brisk walk or workout app, I did it.

20 minutes is all you need.  I found I loved Yoga which will be one of my next blog articles…

They work in tandem though.  Do I think the majority of it starts in the kitchen?  Yes but I truly find the more I work out the better I feel and I’m not talking hours on end, just minutes a day.

Is this all a silver bullet?  No, as I put this to paper I see there are a lot of moving parts.

Diet is a four letter word, that’s no joke.  Just thought I’d share what worked for this ol’ gal.

Maybe one or all these tips will work for you.  All I can say is check out Macros if you aren’t familiar.  I thought losing weight was a lost cause.  Now I’ll be at my wedding weight in no time.

Want to feel like a new person too? If you want some accountability, click here to learn more👍

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