Unique Holiday Presents Anyone can Make under $1

Grownup Gripe: As the holidays roll around, it turns into a daunting task to give all the important people in our lives tokens of our appreciation or is it?

It’s not with these projects anyone can tackle!

There’s a sense of accomplishment and pride when giving something you actually designed.

Get your kids in on the action with these simple projects that have just a few easy to follow steps.

Not only will you be creating memories for a lifetime, it’s satisfying to give gifts you all create.

Martha Stewart I’m not, nor claiming to be, the whole point of these projects is they’re EASY.

So have at it-do 1 or all of ‘em-go have some fun!

3 Holiday Projects for those from Three to Ninety-Three


These plastic baubles can be filled with really anything and best of all they’re great for all ages.

Also available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, you can find these craft ornaments at any craft store.

Originally I started with glass versions and those were not kid friendly and breakable (not good).

To personalize them, prop picture(s) you want to showcase inside using tissue paper or pinecones.

Possibilities are endless!

Have the kids do a scavenger hunt around the house and see what goodies they can discover.

These gold pinecones I had for years in storage.

If you live near a beach, create a mini escape or go explore any nature near you to lay out inside.

We found these red bows on our tree. Any ribbon or bow is optional but looks great if you’ve got it.

You can seriously put anything you want in these.

To secure baubles from opening, use a little super glue to edge the middle of the rims then let dry.


Old fashioned mason jars create these magical snow globes that will delight many over the years.

So obviously you’ll need jars for this one and a glue gun, then items to place inside along with bottled distilled water, glitter and glycerin.

First locate small figurines or toys to glue to the bottom of the lid. We used fake trees and stars but make use of ANYthing that withstands liquid.

Using a glue gun adhere the figurines to the lid and secure any open airspace with glue on the lid.

Let dry completely ~24 hours, so they do not leak.

Once dry, fill jar with distilled water leaving a little room at the top to add glycerin and glitter.

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of colored glitter for effect.

If you don’t have glycerin, that’s OK as it just helps the glitter to fall slowly like snowflakes.

Place the lid onto the mason jar, sealing tightly.

Gently shake your snow globe and enjoy. If you have extra space at the top, add more water.

Dry the jar and gently turn over to ensure it doesn’t leak. Secure outside of lid with glue too.

Once again let it dry and then you are good to go!

Enjoy for many more years to come, even if the figurines become floaters (like ours as we made ours three years ago) they still look really cool!


All you need is flour and salt as the name implies and then you can create anything you want here.

If you’ve got food coloring and glitter, even better – we kept ours white for snowmen but add food coloring to water to make other color doughs.

Combine 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1 cup of salt and 2 tablespoons of shiny glitter in a large bowl.

Mix to combine.

Gradually add 1 cup of water while stirring to form a dough with the consistency of Play Doh.

It will start to come together as you stir it.

Take the dough out and form into ball scraping the sides of the bowl to get as much as you can in.

Knead for a couple minutes until pliable.

It won’t be perfect just keep working it!

Add a little more flour if it’s too sticky and more water if it’s too dry as it should be like Play Doh.

For snowmen form one large ball, one medium size ball and one small ball on top of each other.


Take a straw, cut to size of snowman- insert through center to stabilize.

Find little sticks for the arms. Insert before dying.

Let dry for at least 24 hours and then you all can paint them or add accoutrements. It’s up to you!

psst…if you want to make smaller portions so each child can do their own batch use 1/2 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of water.

That’s the portions we used for the snowmen.

Don’t worry if they’re not “perfect,” ours were made with 3 and 6 year old hands.

It’s the thought that counts!

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