Whoops I did it again! 6 Tricks to Rebound after Blowing off yet another Goal or Resolution

Grownup Gripe:  Old habits die hard, that’s for sure.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution or are there other goals you never can accomplish?

Maybe not an actual resolution, maybe there’s just something you’ve been wanting to change.

Whatever it is the New Year signifies a new start and even if it’s June you can still get it!

No matter if you’ve sworn off them for good-in some way, shape, or form-you’re going to use this new beginning to begin something new.


Whether it’s an old habit you want to finally break or a goal you want to really accomplish if last year taught us anything it’s to just do it.

Unfortunately you’re also going to veer off course and what’s important is your rebound.

Will you immediately throw in the towel or try to get it back on track?  This is make it/break it!

What are you trying to do?

There’s something you probably want to change up this year; here’s how to actually make it happen even after you fall off the wagon.

6 Tricks to Get Back on Track after Failing


Whatever habit you’re trying to break (or form) understand it will take time to do it: 28 days AT LEAST and some studies say 66- >250 days.

I use the 28 day rule as my guide. It’s easiest ;-)

When I fail I reset the clock back to day 1 so if I get to Day 27 and fall off, it’s back to Day 1 🙁

If I stick it out for 28 days it’s a strong foundation or at least motivation to keep it up.


You can tell yourself you want to do it because it’s what others want to hear but dig deep here.

Is this something you really want to do or are others forcing you into it? If it’s you, you got it!

You look at you every day in the mirror. This shouldn’t be for anyone else but you because when you take care of you it all falls into place.

If you’re doing this for others chances are eventually you’ll quit if your heart is not in it.


Have Plan A, Plan B pretty much through Plan Z because you’re going to fail more than once.

It’s just inevitable when you’re breaking habits. 

Remember they die hard.

Don’t get down on yourself so bad you give up letting self pity take over the whole process.

Expect to fail. Come up with a plan when you do so it’s in the books and you don’t lose sight.


How will you feel after completing your goal?

How will it look? How will it differ from now?

VISUALIZE yourself at the endgame, imagine how amazing this accomplishment will be.

When the going gets tough go back to this mental visualization to provide perspective.

This too shall pass-keep your eyes on the prize.


We’re no angels.  It goes back to Adam and Eve.  We’re all going to F up at one point or another.  What separates the cream from the top is the ability to switch gears immediately.

So what you ate a ton of carbs after going Keto, one beer turned into five, you spent longer on social media after giving yourself a stringent time limit, whatever it was you messed up.

Your first response is to throw it all away then and there.  DON’T.  Do what you need to do and forget about it.  Don’t obsess over the guilt of it all.  Just move on. Get back on the horse ASAP.


Look at a calendar, think about small gifts you’d enjoy to stick with this thing long-term.

For every week that passes, treat yourself.

This could be a cheat meal, manicure, new shirt, new app, movie, series binge, whatever!!!

Keeping the 28 day rule in mind within 4 weeks or so you should have a have a new habit.

Hope this helps, lord knows we all need it.  If it was easy we wouldn’t need this but its just not.

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