Yeah for YOGA! See if it’s for YOU with these 15 minute seshes to try today

Grownup Gripe: I don’t like bending over to tie my own shoes let alone a whole damn class of that…

Not to mention just bending over is one thing, some of these humans transform into pretzels.

Maybe you’re not flexible or don’t think Yoga is your jam, whatever it is I’m here to say it is.

Meditation was my topic du jour last week and as you’ve heard these two come together like PB&J.

There’s a reason these two practices are so popular and with everything going on out there right now it’s a great time to give ‘em a whirl.

At first I didn’t think either practice was for me-too far out-maybe you are in the same boat.

Visualizing yourself doing Yoga may seem impossible but if you get past that its worth it.

Endless benefits provide you with more energy, better sleep, improved strength, balance, flexibility AND heart health to relief of back pain AND arthritis to just feeling more relaxed.

There’s so much Yoga does but in the simplest form, who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed?!?

A lot of us have been doing the same cardio routine for years…how’s that working for you?

If it is and you’re looking for a supplement to that, great, but you can also just stick to yoga.

It’s better and easier (at first😊) and it’s the most relaxing WORKOUT you’ll ever complete.

Not only did I used to dread working out, I’d make a lot of excuses not to but not with yoga.

I look forward to it and when I do go off the rails, I can definitely tell. My body aches, I’m less flexible and I really start to feel my age.

After just one yoga session I feel like a new person so if you want to feel younger try it out.

Literally at the end of each yoga sesh, there is something called Savasana (also known as the corpse pose) in which you relax your entire body from head to toe. For that I’d do it alone!

It’s such a great break!

Not only do I feel lighter and more agile, it brings me a sense of peace and tranquility too.

I fell in love with Asana Rebel (so I could do some HIIT too), but there are tons of options out there.

Here are just a few to check out but find out which one works best for you. I like them short!

Usually I do a 20-40 min. maximum sesh and when consistently doing so for 6 months I feel like I did when I was a teenager. It’s amazing!

Here are five FREE YouTube Yogis to check out.


Hope this provides some insight. You may have friends or family into it, if so talk to them.

As mentioned this is all still new to me and they can better steer you in the right direction.

It’s been around for over 5,000 years and there’s a reason for that. Find out why. Give it a try today.

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