MarchMacros Part 2: Zero Carb Pizza + Low-Carb Beer, Wine & Liquors

Grownup Gripe: If you’re saying I’ve got to give up pizza and beer TOO count me out. Life’s too short!

Here’s proof you don’t!

Who doesn’t like pizza?!? Or beer? 😆 Next to bread these are two delicacies most all of us love.

Every Friday night is pretty much pizza night at our house and my favorite recipe is so SIMPLE!

Italian sausage is packed on the bottom to form the crust, it’s so 🤤 you won’t know it’s not there.

And listen I’m from Chicagoland so all I know is the thicker the crust the better but let’s face it-the best part of the pizza is what’s on top-am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good crust just as much as the next person but if I can still feel like I’m eating pizza weekly AND dropping lbs, I’m in.

If you want to drop pounds while eating amazingly indulgent foods like this, click here.

Play this 1 minute video clip below to see how easy it is to make zero carb keto friendly pizza 🍕

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Zero Carb Pizza

One LB of mild or hot ground Italian sausage

3/4 cup of reduced sugar pizza sauce

2 cups of provel (or your fav pizza cheese)

Pizza seasoning

Whatever toppings you want

Directions: Brown sausage, pack it at bottom to form crust. Add pizza sauce, smother with spoon bottom. Add cheese and toppings then place under broiler for about five minutes while closely watching to brown toppings appropriately. Pull out and let set for a few minutes. Enjoy 😉

As for low-carb beer luckily there are a ton of options out there and more coming out monthly.

Stay in ketosis with these drinks!

If you want to keep it simple Michelob ultra or Miller lights are 3 g. of carbs or less but my personal preference is coronas new Premier beer.

If you want to step it up a notch for an additional Carb, Kona brewing Co. out of Hawaii makes an awesome 4 g. carb brew that’s a light blonde ale.

Then of course there are Truly’s or White Claws or the seltzer beers that are all the rage now…

You can pick your poison ☺️ Let’s just say ALL of these beers are tasty 😂 You won’t miss the carbs!

Not many people will tell you to do this while dieting but you want to make it a lifestyle, right?

If so, click here to learn all the Macros hacks!

If you’re a champs lover, you’re in luck as champagne is only 1 g of carbs per flute 🍾 🥂

Are you a whino? You won’t believe it but dry white and red wine have 2 g of carbs per serving.

If you want to go full throttle whiskey, vodka, brandy, gin or tequila have zero carbs so all good.

The problem with many of the above mentioned spirits primarily is it’s hard to stop at just ONE so unless you’re going to drink your whole day 2 to 4 carbs adds up quickly times two or three or four.

Not only that, the whole point of spirits are to lift your spirits but it also increases your appetite and or leads to poor food decisions following too many whether the night of or the morning after.

So keep in mind you can imbibe as much as your heart desires, I’m not here to judge but if you want the scale to go down be mindful on choices.

You can get the most bang for your buck with hard alcohol so depending on what you’re going for-relaxing night/girls night out-try to moderate.

Health experts say to keep dry the first month while going low carb so you can kick it in ketosis.

Speaking of health experts, let me reiterate I am not one so before undergoing any new diet plan consult with your physician if poss. Just sayin’☺️

If you do enjoy eating indulgent foods and drinking adult beverages, learn more about how to lose weight while still living your best life.

Sharing is caring so if you have loved ones who are trying to go low carb, please send them over!

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