March Macros Part 7: What’s the Difference Between Keto & Macros plus Bacon & Cheese Loaded Poblano Peppers

Grownup Gripe: All this sounds like a foreign language and is hard to do without a dissertation.

I’m not a Doctor but here’s what I can decipher.

Losing weight is not easy no matter what strategy you choose but Keto + macros= REAL RESULTS.

The Keto diet was made popular in the 90s but it actually came out in the 20s as a treatment for epilepsy and has been used to do so since 500 BC.

Macros or macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs) are the nutrients that supply us with our energy.

Fat, protein and carbs (in order) are the 3 main elements of the Keto diet that one must follow.

The Keto diet doesn’t allow for a lot of room of error but if you eat foods within your customized numbers and get into ketosis, weight MELTS off.

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Where macros comes into play!

No room for doubt with keto and macros diet plan

Tracking your macros will help you maintain ketosis and assures your adherence to a high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate Keto diet plan.

Fine-tune your correct numerical macros intake and you’ll lose weight and your body will change.

Essentially macros hope you get the most out of your Keto plan. If you want results, track macros.

Historically weight loss plans involved drastic calorie and fat counting, not with the Keto diet.

If you need help with a macros plan, click here.

Typically your body burns carbohydrates for energy but keto uses byproducts of fats (ketones).

Fine-tune your carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

When you’re efficiently burning ketones you are in ketosis which the main side effect is appetite suppressant making it easier for you to eat less.

The trick to achieving ketosis is to increase your fat while simultaneously decreasing your carb yet is different than other low-carb plans in that it requires higher protein intakes for big results.

Achieving ketosis is an art. It takes time to adapt and some find it too strict to adhere to long-term.

If you are able to stick with the dietary changes after a few weeks of adapting to your new low-carb lifestyle though the scale WILL go down!

If the scale is not going down for you, click here.

The two most popular ways to track your macros are through a food journal or through an app.

I also launched a macros meal planning service where I customize meals based on your numbers.

Attention to DETAIL with macronutrients is key!

Particularly when starting, lowering carbs is the main goal then you add more protein in macros.

Finally this is still a DIET so calories are king. No matter what when he starting a diet plan consult with your healthcare professional, as always.

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This is one of our favorite keto starter dishes as the peppers keep the calorie count lower, it’s 😋!

Broiled cheese and bacon stuffed poblano pepper

You can’t get easier than this loaded poblano pepper recipe with Havarti cheese and bacon.

Press play on the video below to check it out👇

Stuffed poblano peppers with cheese and bacon

Bacon & cheese loaded poblano peppers

• 4 big poblano peppers

• One block of Havarti cheese

• 4 thick cut slices of bacon, cooked

Cook bacon until crispy. Let cool and set aside.

Preheat broiler to 450°.

Slice one slit through top of poblano. Stuff each with 1/4 cheese and bacon. Place under broiler.

Cook under broiler for 12 to 15 minutes until skins are charred and bacon/cheese is boiling.

Keep an eye on them and rotate as needed to char each side perfect and to push any cheese back in.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do and they get you off on the right start for your keto diet.

If you’re having any issues sticking with your low-carb lifestyle, click here to learn more.

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