March Macros Finale: My Before & After Pictures + Secret to Diet Success

Grownup Gripe: Before and afters are fun to look at but often seem to be so unattainable in real life.

Believe it or not I’m a private person so much so it was hard to find pics of me especially befores 😊.

This day and age with everyone putting everything out there I was hesitant to put any selfies to task but know a picture is worth 1000 words and knew I needed to put my $$ where my mouth is.

Though I’m not ready to get in front of the camera everyday-there’s a reason I got out of TV news-it’s only fair for you to see what I’m working with.

Forgive the photo quality but gives you an idea…

The normal girl puts on about 30 pounds during pregnancy but like everything I go ALL OUT and each pregnancy put on at least 75 pounds!!!

When you’re only 4’ 10” that’s a problem lol 😬.

Being short I’ve always had to watch it so when babies were in tow and I couldn’t partake in any other extracurriculars food became my crack ha.

Chick-fil-A was a top fave next to Potbelly’s and Cracker Barrel; I’d order a large fry to eat on the way home while keeping my other fries for home!

Every picture I could find during my pregnancies was in a restaurant😂, here’s one before I popped.

Super pregnant and super uncomfortable 🤦‍♀️

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the one of me at the Budweiser beer garden eight and a half months pregnant sipping a beer while others gawked 😜 but you get the idea I love to grub!

Luckily my last kid is pretty small so I figured I had a pass since people probably thought I just had her but when the scale hit 150 not good plus she’s almost 5.

A slippery slope since I’m not trying to impress anyone and can care less what anyone thinks but I’ve also got 2 kids and a husband to keep up with.

When I turned 40 during COVID I realized life’s too short for it to suck. NOT comfortable-always tired-I wasn’t living my best life they talk about.

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Then I found MACROS!


When Mama died (after my 40th) I knew I had to get it together or my game was prematurely over.

Keto has always been my go-to diet but when I found macros I found the secret diet formula I’ve been looking for even though I have a way to go.


Want the secret diet formula?


Do you know your macros?


Live to eat, don’t eat to live!

Admittedly I was going to wait until I had a six pack to put these out there but what’s the point?

Now I know it will happen (never in my wildest dreams did I think I could!!) with more work and dedication thanks to my easy macros meal plans but wanted to get these everyday afters out now.

Life gets crazy! We stop working out and fall off after Valentine’s Day, Spring Break-WHENEVER.

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The biggest secret is getting back on the horse after falling off. We’re all human! We’re going to make mistakes. As long as you can get back on track (with delicious meals you look forward to) you will get yourself those after pics you want.

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How do you feel?

After thinking it was a lost cause, I’m glad I did not throw in the towel because the sky is the limit now. Not only do I love how I look in everything but most importantly I love how I feel everyday!

There’s never going to be the right moment if you’re always waiting for perfection but I truly feel like a NEW person compared to before.

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Sorry I didn’t glam up, I’m just keeping it real.

Put a smile on YOUR face too!

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Sure I’ve fallen off the wagon many times but as long as you can get it together within a few weeks you may play a little catch up but it’s worth it.

Don’t let other coaches get down on you or make you feel guilty for being human. It’s all about honesty and I’ll help you get back on track ASAP.

Macros and Keto is where it’s at and if you want the secret formula to success learn more here👍.

You’ve got this!

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