Death, Taxes & Your Destiny + 7 Life Reminders to Help You Get Back to the Basics

Grownup Gripe: We’ve lost sight of what’s important in life once these millennials took over so let’s check ourselves.

As another Tax Day comes and goes it reminds me to get back to basics, the basics of life that is. Remember those?

The only two guarantees we have in life are death and taxes which don’t sound very glorious so don’t lose focus on what’s really important in life. What’s your purpose?

This day and age basic is boring but guess what everything and everyone has to start and end somewhere but what’s important is what we do in between. That’s what counts. Are you using your time here wisely?

What’s your destiny?

Divine intervention will present itself periodically along the way whether for good or for bad but what you do with the highs and lows make or break your INNER happiness enabling OR disabling you from your FULL POTENTIAL.

I’ve spent a lot of time the past month talking about physicality but what about spirituality?

At the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror and decide for yourself whether or not you’re following the RIGHT PATH in your life. Are you?!?

The good news if you’re not you’ve still got time.

Sure life may not be what you envisioned for yourself but are you content with who you are today-not yesterday and not tomorrow-but today? Right here, right now.

Happiness is harmonious. Follow your heart’s desire and you’ll truly feel it within. You can do this by marching to the beat of YOUR OWN drum and making things happen.

We’ve all heard happiness comes from within but that’s because you’ll NEVER be happy if you’re looking OUTSIDE yourself for your own self worth. Look inside.

Too much emphasis has been put on superficial garbage with people posting (and us incessantly looking) at the 24/7 constant social media feeds of the filtered BS.

Do you worry about what others think? Are you a people pleaser? Have you put yourself last? Stop it now!

Now more than ever with no choice but to be armed with our phones 24/7, it’s difficult to fulfill ANYthing since we’re always SOOOOO distracted. Put it down for a while.

What’s your life mission? Whether you forgot, are unsure or still finding your way, find focus with these 7 easy life tips we can’t lose sight of in 2021. It’s never too late.

7 Life Reminders

1. What really matters is what’s WITHIN. In the FB/IG fixated world we live in it’s not easy to look past all the smoke and mirrors so be mindful that YOUR VALUE COMES FROM WHO YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU DO. Whether you’re at the top of your game or still working toward it remember these fancy houses, cars, diets, clothing, toys, all this shit we see being displayed in our faces non-stop on social media – it’s all superficial! You can’t take it with you. Reprioritize what’s important.

2. Run YOUR race. Do what you were called on to do. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you’re living the life YOU want. You have the ability to do ANYTHING! If you’re setting goals, no matter what they are, and working toward them you’re well on your way to inner peace.

3. Be patient. Slow down. Let things come to you. This instant gratification we’ve become accustomed to isn’t how real life works. We’ve lost our grit giving up too easily when the going gets tough. Remember that’s when the tough get going so stick with whatever it is that makes you tick and eventually it-whatever IT is-will come.

4. Life’s not easy. You’re going to get a lot of curve balls (when you’re able to handle them) along the way. What separates us is how we deal with primarily the hardships we’re dealt. When things are going great it’s easy to wake up with a smile. When shit happens understand that’s life and learn to move on FAST as a lot of things are out of our hands and the faster you can move on the better.

5. Live and let live. Stop worrying about what others are doing. I know this is easier said than done in this swiping and scrolling world we live in but invest more time in YOUR life and less worrying about what others are doing and you’ll find happiness in whatever you’re doing no matter what or who you’re doing it with. #peace

6. Life is not a competition. Listen I’m not going to lie I’m super competitive and it’s gotten me far in my work life and in sports but in life the only person you need to compete with is YOURSELF. Make yourself better by creating goals and completing them. Start small and scale up, it builds confidence. The more confidence you have the more you’ll do in life. It’s that easy. If you’re not confident with who you are I can help you👍.

7. Don’t forget you’re perfect the way you are! Everybody has something and we’re all a work in progress. For those who think they don’t, let me tell you THEY ARE THE WORST!!! How many times are you trying to prove yourself to people who are not even paying attention? They may not even know you’re competing. They’re not worth your time. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody and save your time for those who love and accept you for the awesome person you are.

If you need some more tips to making all your dreams come true, check out these 12 tips.

Interested in life coaching to ensure you’re on the right path, whether you don’t know what IT is or your goal seems too out of reach I can help keep you accountable to make it happen.

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