Shot in the dark and whose to blame, why do vaccinations have a bad name? 6 reasons to stop procrastinating and get vaccinating!

Grownup Gripe: Why isn’t everybody getting their COVID shots so we can get this thing over with?

As Tiers open up and shots become available to all it’s astounding there are openings at shot clinics across the US when drug is ready to go.

Trust me I get it, after a decade working for big Pharma I wouldn’t trust ‘em as far as I could throw ‘em either but not when it comes to our safety.

Undoubtedly we’re ALL over this thing but in order to get over it we need to get under it or at least it UNDER CONTROL and we can do that.

It’s at our fingertips or NEEDLE TIPS so why have only half of Americans gotten their COVID shots?

If you want this pandemic to be over it’s a team effort starting with getting vaccinated.

Many people I’ve spoken with have said look at the flu statistics. Sure a lot of people die from the flu every year but that’s why we have a vaccination for the flu. Not everyone takes it since it’s not mandatory so that’s why it still spreads. The same will happen with COVID.

Now we have vaccinations for the coronavirus.

Clinics are wide-open. Supply is plentiful. Go!

For an infinity of reasons there’s a blanket of distrust surrounding these vaccines and/or a lack of access depending on where you live but things have opened up and I can guarantee you there’s nothing to worry about.

Listen years ago when I left after my 1st was born I was going to write a book about big Pharma but Mama Rinaldi (my Mom😍) told me I’d end up in the Hudson River with cement boots and there’s probably some truth to it🤣.

The opioid crisis put a spotlight on questionable pharmaceutical sales practices but because of that there’s NO room for error.

Ask any Pharma Executive about getting a new drug approved and they’ll be the first to tell you to go through all the hoops drug approving Regulators make them go through is nightmarish.

If anyone’s got Pharma by the balls it’s the Regulatory Agencies we have in place to keep us safe, the same people approving these COVID vaccines and every Rx that comes to market.

It’s like oil and water where sales and science meet with the major difference being financial.

These regulatory agencies are government run institutions that do not care at all about profits.

Regulatory agencies involved in COVID Vaccination Approvals protect public health and their purpose is to ensure these drugs we are dosed stay SAFE for public consumption.

For over 15 years I’ve worked in the healthcare industry so I’ve seen a lot and heard a lot. Now I work on the distribution end (Pharmacy) because I’m as skeptical as you but don’t be!

If you’re on the fence about getting a COVID shot or you have a loved one who is, check out these six reasons why you should NOT worry.

6 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Get Vaccinating

1.) Vaccinations will END this thing! Why the heck do you think every pharmaceutical company that could threw their hat in the ring? There are still many trying to put out COVID product that hasn’t yet been approved. The two current vaccinations from Maderna and Pfizer have few complications. Distribution has opened up so it’s never been easier. If you don’t do it for you, do it as your civic duty to help end a worldwide pandemic or selfishly to just get this damn thing over with.

2.) Don’t let the recent Johnson & Johnson pull scare you. Unfortunately with a mass incidence rate like this (basically how fast COVID spreads) there’s always a small percentage of error. Take a look at ANY prescription Product Insert (the paper that comes with the prescription) and very few-if ANY-drugs claim 100% efficacy without any side effects. Everything’s got something but the good news definitely outweighs the bad here.

3.) There is NO conspiracy theory. This is not the Apocalypse and we are not being injected with poison or anything else but a disease stopping formula that saves lives. I understand this virus hit us all like a ton of bricks and we’re all trying to make sense of it and no matter how it started, all that matters is how we end it. Just like with polio, mumps and some of these old diseases we don’t hear about anymore, in order to eradicate these mutations we need to vaccinate. If we do not, it doesn’t go away and keeps effecting people.

4.) Please don’t think the Coronavirus is fake news, media hype or whatever. Sure it’s all we heard about for at least a year so I’m sure it made big $$ for a lot of different news outlets and we are all SO OVER IT but talk to any healthcare professional who worked on the front lines and they will have an EARFUL for you that’s for sure. Yes each year many die from the Flu but not on such a scale as this and in such an aggressive way.

5.) You’re hesitant because you feel they approved it these COVID Vaccinations too fast. Yes typically it takes more like 18 months to two years from product submission to get a drug to market so I get there is anxiety that this was done haphazardly. All I will say is this…Eyeballs across the world were involved in this process and there is NO way the Healthcare Professionals involved in this feat would EVER put their reputation not to mention OATH to serve the people on the line.

6.) You’re not going to be forced into nothin’! I hate rules more than anybody☺️ as I learned from the best (Mama). Nobody tells me what to do. I hear you!!! Again if you don’t do it for you, look at it as you’re helping others and showing your appreciation for the amazing country we live in no matter what we’re asked to do. Are you proud to be an American? My guess is yes. Show it!

Drastic times call for drastic measures and that’s what occurred with the COVID vaccines and that’s what needs to occur now. Please just get ‘er done.

Add get a shot to your to do list and knock it out.

We have nothing to worry about and everything to live for because the faster we can rid this freaking thing from all our lives, the faster we can move on living the lives we all remember!

If you are worried about anything post-COVID and want to get on the right track, I can help you!

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