Mom Job: 5 Life-Changing Tips to Make Motherhood EASIER so you’re not so Overworked, Underpaid & Unappreciated

Grownup Gripe: Sorry boys but the Job of Mom is the hardest (and most thankless) job a lot of times.

Since I could get a worker’s permit I’ve always had a “real” job so I know it’s against the law to not get breaks or meals off during any given shift.

If you’re a parent (or can remember being a parent of little kids) you can’t even catch ONE!!!

Not even ONE! WTF?!?

Literally within a ten minute time frame I hear one of my spawn yelling Mom at least 10 times!

To worsen matters I find the more annoyed I get the more it occurs so you really can’t even win.

Don’t get me wrong adding Mother to my Resume has been such an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for the miracles I’ve been blessed with.

Like every Mom I think they’re the most incredible beings on Earth-I GET a Mother’s love.

Mother’s love is an awesome thing because nobody else will love you like your Mother does.

Sometimes though I don’t see (not personally because believe you and me I correct it 😂) but I don’t always see equal reciprocation or representation from some family units so I want to put out a public service announcement.

Mom needs a break!

SOME needs to be prefaced not all because I know many Moms who are treated like Queens but overall I think our work load is sorely minimized.

Most Moms (understandably not ALL) would give the shirt off our backs for our kids so we need to be sure we’re treated with the SAME respect.

Of course life has its ups and downs and some days will be better than others but if you’re not getting help around the house because it’s “your” job I call BS and abruptly put ‘em ALL to work.

It’s no secret that Moms pick up the majority of the slack around the house even if working F/T.

All too often EVEN IN 2021!!! the bulk of the household duties fall on the Mother’s shoulders regardless of employment status and equality.

Someone like me signed up to work IN the house part-time and inside of the house full-time so of course I get the person at home will do more but that shouldn’t mean you should be walked over.

My old full-time job required a lot of travel so I made the decision to leave Corporate thinking it would be “easier.” Wow was I wrong?

Let’s just say I’ve told my husband many times I’m going back to work full-time because it’s a walk in the park compared to early child care.

Cleaning up after people (even your own) all day and all night can be infuriating without any help, especially if these people are old enough to clean up after themselves – studies say start them early.

If you’re doing everything for your household you need to stop even if that is your “job. Not only the youngest but the oldest and everyone in between in the household should be of SOME assistance.

If you’re shaking your head in disbelief here are some helpful tips to make it happen once and for all!

5 Tips to Make Mom-Life Easier

1. Delegate Minuscule and Big Tasks

It takes an Army and if there’s a partner in the mix you may need to “train” them (see number two) not to mention even your littlest. Everyone can pitch in. You do NOT need to do it all.

Not only do they say these privileged kids we’re raising these days can use some chores to lessen entitlement and to be more understanding of everything it takes to actually run a household.

Whether it’s putting their garbage in the garbage-we have to start somewhere-or taking out the garbage, start enforcing some real rules. Pick some easy things to delegate and enjoy the help.

There will be complaints and bumps in the road during implementation but stick to your guns and it will become something they’ll do without fail.

2. You teach people how to treat you.

If you make it easy for everyone by picking up all their stuff all the time and doing everything else for them for that matter, they’re going to let you.

It’s the human way. If someone is going to make things easy for you all the time it’s hard to pass up. The problem is is it’s not real life-life’s tough.

If you’re not getting everything you’d like from someone make sure they know how you feel. If there’s something they’re doing you’d like to correct, ASK. Don’t assume that know. Tell them.

Stop, tell them what you want done and ensure they do it. It may take multiple reminders and some “training” but it will pay off in dividends.

3. Opinions are like you know what, everyone’s got one!

You know deep down you’d do anything in the best interest of your child and if these busybodies think they can do no wrong chances are they’re living vicariously through you in the moment projecting their own insecurities onto you.

All I will say is consider the source. EVERYBODY has their opinions of parenting in particular (I even hear myself at times with others so I get it LOL) by be sure to take them with a grain of salt.

More often than not though just forget about it, take it for face value – or possibly pull something from it you can use – but don’t dwell on anything, anyone else says. You’ve got this too. Live and learn.

4. Stop Overbooking Yourself

If COVID taught you anything it’s pump the brakes a bit on your schedule. Kids have the rest of their lives for a lot of pressure so sign them up for a few activities but everyday of the week is so 2020. You’re not doing anyone any favors.

Give your kids AND yourself a break! You deserve it. If life in the fast lane is your style, great but if deep down you don’t want to do it, simply start saying “No.” The world will still go on.

5. Beware of Time-Suckers

Whether it’s Social Media, that needy friend or your Mom think of it like Dr. Phil says and if they’re or it is not adding to your emotional bank account (making it better or only sucking away your time and energy unnecessarily) then say no. Start doing checks and balances. You’ll be surprised.

If there are some areas you can free up by not devoting so much time to that particular activity or person just do it! It will feel great, not to mention you’ll be blown away at how much more free time you can now use for YOU and yours.

Time’s of the essence and if you fill your time with more satisfying activities you’ll feel more satisfied and what’s good for Mom is good for all!

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