Chips Off the Old Block: The ONLY Thing YOU Need to Teach your Kid + 5 Easy Game Changers

Grownup Gripe: Sure there are bad apples but let me tell you they don’t fall far from the tree!

You teach people how to treat you and we teach our own how to treat others. Period.

Maybe you don’t know how to treat others or maybe you do, whatever it is more than likely our little spawn are going to follow suit.

Kids are a receipt of us good AND bad. They soak up every single little thing we do and say.

They also soak up every circumstance they’re in; it’s the age old nurture versus nature debate meets let’s a call spade a spade.

As my kids get into their school years it’s been an interesting (and mind-blowing!!!) dynamic to see as they put all of these things in motion.

They definitely are our Mini-Me’s!

Understandably children have minds of their own and each of their personalities will differ but don’t kid yourself for a second they’re us.

Maybe they’ll have more the demeanor of your mother or your partner’s sibling and maybe they don’t even look like you-at the end of the day their little sponges-monkey do-monkey see.

The fact of the matter is they turn into us in many ways (have you noticed doing things your parents did you never thought you would?🤦‍♀️) but you can still rock their foundation.

Outside my daughters preschool read a sign what you tell your child becomes their inner voice and it’s so true. What do you tell them?

By now I believe we all know how much influence we have over them but it’s not just in characteristics they pick up, it’s in everything.

They’ll be able to conquer anything with 1 thing.

If there’s only one teachable moment with your kiddo it should be teaching confidence. That’s it.

This was the best thing Mama (and my Dad) taught us and they learned it from their folks.

Either you’ve got it or you don’t and if you don’t fake it until you make it. They’ll absorb it all.

Tell them they’re brave or they’re amazing or whatever but if you don’t not many others will.

The more you tell them the better. Just drill it in!

Life is full of ups and downs but it’s how we handle the downs when all is said and done which separates the cream from the top.

With confidence bouncing back is inevitable.

Onto the next!

In addition to confidence you’re probably thinking yeah whatever but you’d be blown over at all the basic skills kids lack this day and age.

If you’ve got little ones you know, it’s unbelievable. Here are 5 common sense things we need to ensure our kids are doing on the daily.

5 Life Basics Kids Need to Know

First Impressions are Important

They say within seconds of an introduction people already sized us up so don’t give these kids or anyone for that matter any more ammunition. First introductions are a fact of life and will never cease no matter how old we get or how far we go so the better you can make it out of the gate the less work you have to do in the long run. There’s nothing worse than a wet fish handshake. Teach your kid how to be firm. It’ll pay off in dividends.

Say Please and Thank You

Yes I know this is pretty basic but you would be amazed at the lack of manners kids show nowadays. Definitely not the majority but there’s a small minority who say please and thank you and let me tell you it does not go unnoticed.

Look People in the Eye

If you have a teenager you probably know this one well so that is why the earlier you can and green this in their little head the better. When someone is talking to you look them in the eyes. It doesn’t sound that hard but it is. If that’s a problem for your kids tell them to look at their forehead or their nose or whatever it is but make eye contact at least once with whom you’re talking to. Acknowledge there desire to engage.

Sharing is Caring

Whether it’s food, clothing, your markers, whatever it is if you have more than one and someone is without nearby be sure to at least offer them some thing. Particularly when you are at your own house or have all your things, the more you share the happier you all will be.


Nobody likes a liar or a cheater. Especially when kids are younger they don’t understand the impact these actions really have but the earlier you can decipher what’s right and what’s wrong for them the faster they can figure it out too. All we have is our word at the end of the day. Amen!

Yes these are called manners I know and you’d think we already have been there and done that.

The problem is these kids run the roosts these days and we’ve got the tail wagging the dog.

Check these runts immediately and teach them how to treat you (AND others) with respect asap.

Not only will you feel more appreciated but you get more bees with honey in real life. Right?!?

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