No matter what cards I’m dealt I always approach the situation optimistically.  

You can too!

Scratching the surface I’m short enough to qualify for handicapped parking, my weight fluctuates with the wind and my mom just died of Dementia after it ravaged all her faculties.  It sucked but that’s life.

Since a kid I’ve been able to brush off failures and negativity to make anything happen and want to share applicable tips so you can also overcome ANY obstacle in your way.

After excelling at Corporate, making smart investments, creating a ❤️ fam and success with Keto and counting Macros I want to share the shortcuts to getting everything you want.

Loyal wife of 12 years to a patient and loving husband, I’m also blessed with 2 little miracles.

Life’s too short!

I plan on putting my English and Media Communication major to work so please join me for the ride and let’s spread the word.

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