About me

No matter what cards I’m dealt I always approach the situation optimistically.

Scratching the surface, I’m not even 4’10”, my weight fluctuates with the wind and my mom has no clue who I am since Dementia has taken over all her faculties but it’s cool.

I could be a mope and feel sorry for myself thinking I’m short, fat and motherless.

Instead I sold a bunch of human Growth Hormone, stacked some paper, joined the Y, watch what I eat-most of the time but not always-and became closer to my Father.

Since I was a kid I’ve been able to immediately brush off my failures and negative thoughts to make anything happen.

You can too!

I’ve done anything and everything I ever set my mind to from being a TV News Reporter/Anchor to honing a successful career in BioPharmaceutical Sales.

Navigating life after my best friend died and now throughout my Mom’s devastating illness, I plow through life with a smile.

Loyal wife of eleven years to a patient husband, I’m also fortunate to be a Mom to two beautiful babes under the age of five.

Now I plan to put my English Writing & Publishing Major/Media Communications Minor to work. Add new blogger to the list.

I hope you can join me on the ride. Please bear with me as I’m still working out the kinks but in the meantime spread the word.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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