Grownup Gripe: I’m trying to stay on track but am sick of being a short order cook at mealtime. If your household is anything like mine your kids are harsher than food critic James Beard. It’s not worth fielding the complaints so I end up making different dinners but NOT with this! You’ll get everyone’s […]

Grown-up gripe: It costs a small fortune to take your family (or self) out to dinner these days and the food isn’t even that good. (This page contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.) What if you could cook a meal that tastes better than a restaurant, costs less than $2 and takes less than 5 […]

Grownup Gripe: We’ve all heard of the peeps hoarding TP, they don’t know the egg is where it’s at. Understandably everyone is concerned with the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and their stash. During this surreal pandemic, it’s been a real eye-opener to see what’s literally flying off the shelves. If you haven’t already one of […]

Grownup Gripes: Have you seen the Seinfeld where “The Soup Nazi” says “No soup for you!” Well now we can all make our own instead of overpaying for a cup of flavored water. No matter where you live we all enjoy a comforting cup of soup now and then and what could be easier when […]

Grownup Gripe: Eat this, drink that…I know we hear tips all the time but this one will NOT disappoint. (This page contains affiliate links, see full disclosure.) Have you heard green tea is healthy but tried to get it down and found it’s just not your cup of tea? Matcha is green tea on steroids […]

Grownup Gripe: I’m running out of ideas AND food but luckily this classic crowd fav never disappoints. If you’ve cooked more in the last month than you have in the last year (or decade), check this out. Not only do you have these ingredients or similar ones on hand but the leftovers taste even better. […]

Grownup Gripe: Each year we cook enough ham to feed an army, now what the hell do we do with it all? If you made a ham this Easter, more than ever in 2020, you’ve got A LOT of meat on your hands! What do you do with it all? The good news is ham […]

Grownup Gripe: COVID-19 has taken its’ toll on all of us, we need any comfort we can create at home. The restaurant industry will be one of the hardest hit during this crisis so we all need to do our part to support them but what if we can’t leave? It’s questionable whether picking up […]

Grownup Gripe: If I need to eat like a rabbit in order to lose weight, I want my veggies to taste good. When I was six months pregnant, I was at a wedding and asked for the Ranch dressing to be passed over. Everyone started dying laughing. Initially they wouldn’t divulge the secret but eventually […]

Grownup Gripe: Would love to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans someday but life won’t allow it at the moment, at least where I am which is far from NOLA. Just in time for Fat Tuesday, otherwise known as Mardi Gras here is a traditional chicken and sausage gumbo recipe I learned in New […]

Grownup Gripe: Entertaining is such a chore, as if we don’t have enough to do already. Today is Valentine’s Day so are you in a pinch? Don’t know what to make for your loved one tonight? Look no further, you’ve got this! These three showstoppers will not disappoint! Made with only 5 ingredients, no matter […]

Grownup Gripe: If you’d like some comfort (and only have hot dogs left in your fridge) try these classics. This year’s Memorial Day celebration is sure to be different than years past so bring back the dogs. What’s a bbq without hot dogs, especially for little ones, but this recipe will even please old-timers. Do […]

Grownup Gripe: I hate rubberized processed cheese sauce, you can save that for the kids. If you’ve ever eaten an amazing plate of nachos, cheese fries or even a side of dipping cheese that equates to liquid gold, it doesn’t matter what accompanies it, your meal just got a whole lot better. I lived in […]

Grownup Gripe:  Now instead of an apple a day to keep the doctor away, they’re also telling us to eat tons of greens to get antioxidants. They taste like you know what. Am I a rabbit? (This post contains affiliate links.  Read my full disclosure.) We ALL know we should eat more vegetables but many […]

Grownup Gripes: I don’t eat to live, I live to eat so who says I need to eat like a bird to lose weight? Give this grownup gal a burger! (This page contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.) My spandex will vouch for that. Just like anything I give it my all or nothing […]