Grownup Gripe: It’s that time of year again when skin gets dry, made worse this year more than any other with all the hand washing and sanitizer we’re using. Are your hands dry? What about other parts of your body such as your heels or your elbows? Get some much needed relief with just one […]

Grownup Gripe: I don’t like bending over to tie my own shoes let alone a whole damn class of that… Not to mention just bending over is one thing, some of these humans transform into pretzels. Maybe you’re not flexible or don’t think Yoga is your jam, whatever it is I’m here to say it […]

Grownup Gripe:  I’d do anything at this point to keep my mind off what’s going on out there right now. If you’ve never meditated, you’re missing out. Trust me, coming from the Midwest I used to think it was basically for Buddhist Monks and tree huggers out in CA or somewhere but it’s not. It’s […]

Grownup Gripe:  The older I get, the older I feel… You’ve probably heard of protein powder but have you heard of advanced collagen peptides? I’m not an MD so always check with yours first but based on my experience this stuff is amazing. Also I’m not getting $ to hawk this, I’m just a gal […]

Grownup Gripe:  The older we get the harder it is to lose weight or is it? What if I said it’s not? I found the secret bullet to getting the weight off while still eating most of the foods you love! Counting Macros Why I fell in love with tracking Macronutrients (Macros for short) is […]

Grownup Gripe: You mean to tell me I have to drink that in order to lose weight, I’d rather stay fat. (This page contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure.) After a relapse on the diet I started in January, in search of desperate measures I found a 10-day green juice cleanse that looked promising. […]

Grownup Gripe: I used to think 40 sounded ancient and this year I turn 40, time seriously does fly by. How do you feel about aging? Do you wear it like a badge of honor or do you keep it under wraps? Age is just a number…right? It’s how you feel blah blah blah. As […]

Grownup Gripes: Why has everyone my age turned into Todd and Margot from ‘National Lampoons Christmas Vacation’ when working out, what about good old fashioned push-ups? Hey, I’m not here to judge, whatever floats your boat is fine with me!!! That’s what this blog is all about. To each their own. I’m just cheap and […]

Grownup Gripe: Eat this, drink that…I know we hear tips all the time but this one will NOT disappoint. (This page contains affiliate links, see full disclosure.) Have you heard green tea is healthy but tried to get it down and found it’s just not your cup of tea? Matcha is green tea on steroids […]

Grownup Gripe: Since when did you think you’d have to put a face mask on to get needed groceries? First and foremost THANK YOU to EVERYONE of you sacrificing SO MUCH on the frontlines for us. For those of you out of work because of this, hopefully it’ll turn around whenever this is over. COVID-19 […]

Grownup Gripe: If I’m going to be stuck with my kids all day, I want an activity we can ALL get around. (This post contains affiliate links, please see full disclosure.) When was the last time you tie-dyed something? Summer Camp in the 80s (the 90s or even the 70s)? Whenever it was, chances are […]

Grownup Gripe: By the time February rolls around, it’s hard not to be California Dreamin’ when you’ve been shoveling snow for months. Unless you’re fortunate enough to enjoy year round nice weather, shout out to you lucky dogs out in San Diego 🙂 for many of us this time of year brings the winter blues. […]

Grownup Gripe:  Now instead of an apple a day to keep the doctor away, they’re also telling us to eat tons of greens to get antioxidants. They taste like you know what. Am I a rabbit? (This post contains affiliate links.  Read my full disclosure.) We ALL know we should eat more vegetables but many […]

Grownup Gripes: I don’t eat to live, I live to eat so who says I need to eat like a bird to lose weight? Give this grownup gal a burger! (This page contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.) My spandex will vouch for that. Just like anything I give it my all or nothing […]

Grownup Gripe: Put your cellphone down. Your loved ones may wish you looked at them and held them like you do your phone. Have you gone out to dinner lately? Do you see tables-if not restaurants-full of people sitting at the same table wholly engaged with their freakin’ phone and not the PERSON right there […]

Grownup Gripe: Haters are going to hate no matter what age we are, it’s a sad fact of life. Don’t be naive. There are bad people out there. These days it seems worse than ever. Now with the advent of the internet a whole new layer of trolls came out of the woodwork and life’s […]

Grownup Gripe: Since when is bacon covered in Ranch dressing better than a banana and yogurt? I’m not a Doctor but everything about the Keto Diet goes against the basic principles we learned as little ones about nutrition. Remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Not with Keto! An apple is off limits […]

Grownup Gripe: New Year’s resolutions more often than not end up in smoke so why should I even waste my energy making one? Are you ready to make some changes but don’t even know where to start? It’s easier said than done that’s for sure and if you’ve been thinking about it for a long […]

Grownup Gripe: If I hear my kid say “I’m bored” one more time I’ll really show ‘em bored. How many times have you heard “I’m bored! What can I do?” Maybe it’s not just your kid. The problem is nowadays we’re inundated with nonstop stimulation so when the world stops for even just a few […]

Grownup Gripe: They’ve always been crazy but this is worse than them getting old and senile. You probably know a lot about cancer but do you know anything about Dementia? Alzheimers? First off it’s not the same thing. I didn’t even know that. I also used to think it only happened to old people until […]